No Week 31 WI for me!


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Alas no week 31 WI for me this week. The only reason being work was hectic and I didn't manage to get to the pharmacy! I did dash in one day to grab some flapjacks (I know - most hate them but I don't mind them and they are so convenient for work!) one day.

So ......... Monday's WI will be a double one for me and I have fingers crossed for a good one!!!!! I also have my fingers crossed that work don't call me in as it is my only day off next week! I know I need the money but it was ridiculous last week!!!!

I have neglected the forum as well so well done to anyone whose loss I haven't managed to personally congratulate.

Only 26 more sleeps till Christmas!!!!!!

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:wow: congrats on lasting over 6 months on LT, respect! Good luck on your last little bit off. :)


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Thank you.

I only have 2 weeks left on LT as I plan to refeed for Christmas (I have promised my OH I will eat with the family Christmas day) and then I have the tough job of maintaining my weight! I have loved my journey though and met so many great people on this forum. I'm looking forward to refeed as, after so long without food, I know I do need to start eating again and get away from the safety of LT!

I'm looking forward to eating veg again!!!!! lol



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good luck for monday hun im sure you will be fine with great losses as you have done throughout good luck with your last 2 weeks of lt xx


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Hi hun, glad you have had chance for a quick update. I hope you get to the pharmacy on Monday too, as I am dying to see how you are getting on.

I'm planning on refeeding for Xmas so I have been doing a bit of research on it. The refeed threads are great. I want to take it a bit slower than the LT refeed schedule so I'm planning to discuss it properly with my pharmacy on Monday at my weigh in.

Have you decided what eating plan you are going to follow for maintenance yet?

Glad there is loads of work coming your way, but fingers crossed that you get to weigh in and everything crossed for a good result, you deserve it x


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:)CF you have done so well, fair play to ya. You really are having some journey. You must look and feel like a whole new woman.
I'm glad you only have two weeks left. We will be refeeding together. I'm finding it hard tonight. Would usually have a few drinks with hubby...... Have to stay on track, only a day left and thats week one over.


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All the best for Monday hun, my fingers are crossed for ya and wishing ya lots of gud luck. Pls let us know how ya get on, take care


nearly there!! :)
oooohhh excitment cant wait ta see how u do fingers crossed hunni xxx


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Hi CF,wow you sound very busy at work...hope it shows in your double WI on monday,all the best!!! Caz xx


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As everyone has already said, you've done so well CF....i think you're a real star! Good luck for Monday. :)