No weigh in this week-CelticChicks Diary


Hey all,

I'm back again, today is day 2 back on plan and already feeling better, I've regained all the weight I've lost and then some which leaves me at an all time high on the scales but not letting it get to me. This time I will do it, next Christmas I will be in a slinky number!!!
I will have a better look about and add some more when I get home, just wanted to get my new thread up and running while I had a few minutes!
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hiya sis, SOOOooooo happy to see ya here, your so gonna knock us all outta the water, fantastic

talk soon, buzz or text me if ya need anything


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Nice to see you again CC!! :)

Good luck with your 'new beginnings' - you'll soon be back where you want to be.


Just a quick check in as work has been mad the past couple of days and haven't had the energy to type in the evenings!
Still going strong, going to start getting back into exercise over the weekend and then out walking the dogs every night next week, thats the plan anyway!
I'm feeling great again, sleeping well, getting up earlier, not all sluggish and horrible and just generally starting to get myself back together and this is only day 4. I watched 'You are what you eat' the other night and she said something like- if you eat three bags of crisps a week for a year, you are consuming 5 litres of oil in a year from them alone, crisps were my downfall till I heard that, I could actually taste the oil in my mouth. Went shopping and didn't even buy Walkers lites!
So all is well! :D


well done girl... might try meet for a cuppa over the weekend if your around???


Gen xx


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Welcome back!! And good luck with it :)


Hey all

Thanks for all the encouragement. I'm going to catch up with everyone elses threads later on tonight. :)
Well its day 6 and I feel great, exercised Saturday and Sunday. Haven't gone over my points even once and really not tempted to yet. I had friends in the house on Saturday night and they all got take away and I opted to get a salad and a half portion of tomato pasta which I am very proud off, seeing as I had loads of points left I could have went for something unhealthy but I knew it would send me off the rails. I really enjoyed my treat and didn't feel left out when all the rest were tucking in AND I went to bed with a couple of points to spare! :D
Feeling very motivated and positive, weigh in on Wednesday morning and can't wait to see how've I've done. I'm going home this evening to clean the house and take the dogs for a long walk so that will be my exercise for today.


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Its such a good feeling when you stick to it like that isnt it :)

Hope your weigh in goes well


Weigh in this morning and I'm down 9lb and 1.2% body fat gone! :D :D :D
Dragging my butt of the couch every night was well worth it. Here's to another good week!


Thanks everyone. I'm still going strong, not one day over my points in almost two weeks now, I feel great!!

Having a night off exercise tonight, feeling tired. Can't wait to get home.