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No weight loss in first week??

:cry:Hi there, Im pretty upset this morning as having been on cs for a week i havent lost anything!! Ive been to the gym, not eaten any carbs and feel and look skinnier

Is this normal?Im going to check out inch loss this afternoon but im a bit worried? Is this just my body getting used to this or am i eating too much? Ive been so good and proud of myself , and feeling much better, so is it just metabolism fixing itself?? help!! has this happened to anyone else?

Suz x
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I've not heard of anyone not losing anything at all in the first week before, presuming they have stuck to it 100%. Usually they lose a lot of fluid in the first week. Have you been drinking your 2ltrs of water everyday? That is very important and personally I think it's the key to success.
If you could post an example of what you eat on a normal day, maybe we could help you to establish if you are doing anything wrong.
Hi there, i have lost heaps of inches, maybe my body is just responing to it differently, i do a lot of body toning classes at the gym?

Normal day i have shake for breakfast, celery/carrot sticks mid morning, shake for lunch, handful of rasperries or an apple for mid afternoon, then grilled chicken and salad for dinner, then some nuts or cheese as an evening snack?

i am drinking a lot of water but i always have, my diet has always been fairly healthy, maybe its just not a drastic change for me? glad to see some inch loss though and hope to see some weight loss next week??

You are doing everything correctly then. I wouldn't worry too much about it this week as it could well be just your body adjusting. You might find that next week you lose much more than expected:)
My first week, I couldn't stop running to the loo as my body adjusted to the sudden increase in water. I lost an awful lot of fluid that week, but if your body is used to taking in a lot of water anyway maybe that's why you've not seen a loss on the first week. Good luck & keep up the good work.
thanks, im hoping thats the case, ive put on all this weight through taking prozac for a yr, nearly 25lbs!! havent changed anything about my diet just the tablets!
just stopped taking them about 2 weeks ago and apparently can take about 3 weeks to get them totally out of your system, but hopefully as im now happy and hopefully getting rid of extra fat i'll see a big drop next week!!

i do a lot of body toning classes at the gym?
This could be why the scales are not showing a loss. You say you've lost inches so you must be loosing fat, but you're probably gaining muscle. Last year i started doing weight's and the scales were not showing any loss but their was a noticable reduction of my 'gut'.

Take some pictures of yourself and measurements of waist, legs, arms etc. and use that to see how much fat your loosing. Scales are great for showing a weight loss, but not for showing fat loss.
yeah i think thats what has happened, i look so different, apparently ive lost 10 inches from around my body? is that even possible, that seems millions!! I also did a body fat calculator with my new measurements and apparently thats 5% body fat ive lost?

Im off to the gym later to use the body fat measurer there coz ive got a reading from before, but if thats the case im happy, however i could still do with seeing the scales come down! im never gonna be a size 10 still weighing what i am now! HAHA

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