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  1. jo125

    jo125 Full Member

    this week i have had no weight loss at all :cry: i think it because my mum cooked me a roast dinner on sunday and i had to eat it, i managed to put 2 roast potatoes on my partners plate so i was only left with one small one, and i had veg and meat, oh and a piece of apple pie after:break_diet:

    i got straight back on track monday but i'm not happy:(

    And to top it off i'm with the dietitian at the hospital and she is not happy with the fact i'm on a VLCD wvwn tho i have lost a stone:mad:
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  3. suepass

    suepass Full Member

    Don't worry

    I know how you feel. I did not lose any weight for two weeks in fact last W/E my scales said I had put on 211b. Today (5 days later) I have lost 4llb.
    I think when we do these diets for a long time our bodies get used to it and for some reason the weight loss goes slower then quicker. It all balances out in the end.
    Think of it logically. If you are using more than you are eating you will lose weight. Keep going next week you will see a difference.
    My diet has gone from LLL to low carb / calorie.
    All the best Sue.
  4. jacsprat

    jacsprat Silver Member

    Hi Jo

    By eating the roast and the apple pie you will have knocked yourself out of ketosis and re stocked your glycogen stores. All this means is you are holding on to water. As soon as you get those carbs out of your system you will be back into ketosis and the weight will drop again. Also remember you have not been well so your body is probably hanging on to everything it can at the moment. Just keep the faith and keep glugging the water.

    Good luck

  5. scars95

    scars95 Member

    WOW!! that sounds like you doing great!

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