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No weight loss

Has anybody who was new to ww before ProPoints started and found they have lost no weight?

I'm 5 days in after doing a VLCD 2 years ago and loosing 7stone, I'm worried that I'm gonna be dishartened if I dont see a loss on Tuesday!

I'm just worried that I'n doing something wrong... the diet seems too good to be true... I'm saying to my boyfriend "right I'm away out for a run so I can have a Crunchie on Friday" is this really the right way of thinking?

I'm only an online member so I'm not sure if I'm doing the whole things right....


Lou xxx
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Hi Lou, Don't get too disheartened. My daughter is on the same diet and only lost .5lb on her first week as well. She is now doing th wii challenge and has lost 3lb this last week.
Give her diary a visit and I'm sure she will give you some good advice and help - Irishlady is her name - and she's super at the PP calculations too.
Sorry you have to have 50 posts to visit Members Only Diaries - but that's something to aim for anyway.
All the best for you continuing endeavours!...:)
What sort of things are you eating? As pudnpie said, are you tracking everything??

I personally dont buy into the whole "activity point" thing, afterall we are all on diets as we are overweight - walking the dog every day for half hour or so shouldn't give me another reason to eat.... I stick to my 29 points, occasionally dip into my weeklies if I really need to but dont rely on them on a day to day basis. I have cut back my carbs, upped my protein intake, upped my exercise, and snack on fruit and healthy snacks as opposed to chocolate and crisps etc. I've tried to embrace it as a lifestyle change rather than trying to keep up my old lifestyle of takeaways, sweets, chocolate etc. Dont get me wrong, we still have takeaways every now and then but I rarely eat chocolate or junk food anymore...

I honestly believe that if you dont embrace ww as a lifestyle change you wont succeed with it.

Maybe write down a day or two's food diaries and we can all try and analyse it for you? Sometimes, just writing it all down you will see where and if you are going wrong anywhere xx
I generally eat what I was eating before (when I was doing SW) but having smaller portions. So far I have eaten most of my weekly points and this week I ate them all. I have yet to eat any activity points but I do track them to see them build up. I rarely have takeaways anyway but I do have two small sweet treats a day at 2pps-4pps each. I have also had a couple of booze ups over the weeks. My point is that it has all been put into the tracker and counted. My losses have been steady and I feel I can follow this for the long term.

If you are tracking correctly there is no reason why you shouldn't lose. You still have until Tuesday so start to worry about it then if you haven't lost - no point in worrying now when you don't know ;)
Thanks for all your input!

I am tracking everything I eat using the online tracker and also the App on my phone...

I think it's just hard for me to get my head around that I can eat and loose weight after living on "space food" as my friends used to call it for 7 months!
It was easy for me to understand then how I was able to loose weight but obviously now I see the amount I'm eating and I think how can I possibly still loose and eat!

As I am tracking all my food I will upload a couple of my days diarys and see if anybody thinks I'm going wrong anywhere...

I saw Cambridge as a way out... I see WW as a lifestyle change....
Just read your first post again and see that you are 5 days in.... On my first week I was convinced I hadn't lost anything... got on the scales and had lost 4lbs....
darling, because you joined ww propoints after having come back from a VLCD you might not have a loss for a few weeks. You could also have a small gain. That's because your body is readjusting to eating more calories and your metabolism, which the VLCD has destroyed to be honest, is slowly speeding up again. Don't ask too much from your body, allow it to readjust and then lost weight in a healthy way :)

A big hug and a kiss. The fact that you haven't PUT ON any weight up to now is great on its own. Keep on following the diet and you will see, eventually the weight will shift! If you can diet and still have your treats and what you like, what's the big pressure in losing the weight quickly? xx
I think the diet you were on obviously is fantastic for weight loss but it will completely throw your body off all balance. If I were you i would only use the daily points for two weeks and keep carbs light and protein high, that way your body will be gradually introduced into burning food like it should. Then once your body seems like it's coping and your losing weight then experiment a little with your weekly allowance. My worry would be that because your body is used to living on 'space food' as you call it that it won't cope with the sudden increase of real food and will struggle to burn it and it will be stored as fat etc. Keep us updated as to how you get on :) x
Just read your post again, was it quite a while ago you were on that diet? If it's been quite a few months since you were on it, ww should work for you as long as your honest with your tracking. I cut too many corners and need to be more honest!
So for anybody who relpied to me last week, thank you very much!
I had my first WI this morning and I've lost 2lbs.... not bad, off to a good start. Especially taking into account the take away on Sunday, the few vodkas on Friday, very little to no water over the weekend and my TOTM is due.

Let's see what next week brings!

Lou xx

p.s. all while staying within my points and extras!

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