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Attack No weight loss


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I am in day 3 of attack and so far no weight loss. :confused: What am I doing wrong?

My menus over the last couple of days have been:

Breakfast - galette and 0% yogurt
Lunch - chicken leg and turkey breast
Dinner - beef burgers made with lean steak mince, mixed herbs and onion
Snacks - crab sticks (not keen on them so only 2), 1 muller fruit yogurt, 0% yogurt or fromage frais flavoured with cinnamon.
skimmed milk with coffee and tea (not a big drinker of tea and coffee so only a couple of cups)
and plenty of water

I have not felt hungary at all but I know I have to eat so have been doing so.
I have also been exercising, not going mad just gentle low impact aerobics.

Any advice would be very much appreciated and welcome.

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Dukan Ancestor!!
Hi Deb,

that looks good to me and I'm sure the weight WILL come off. I just looked at my first posting in this forum a year ago and my weight actually went UP after the first day in attack before dropping down again so don't despair.
Your menu looks fine, the only thing I would double check is the beef burgers - was it 'lean' mince or 'extra lean - only the latter will do, it needs to have less than 5% fat.

Good luck don't give up, I'm sure you will see an improvement soon!


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Drop the Muller Fruit Yogurt - it has fructose in it, which may slow your transition to ketosis.

Also - your attack may co-incide with TOTM, which would cause water rentention. If so, it will pass, and all the weight will come off at once.


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How much are you eating - how many grams of mince, chicken etc.
How much milk are you getting through, it is unlimited on attack but not on cruise and it might be worth cutting back.

As atropos said dont have muller fruit yogurts, they are not a good idea at any stage.

With a small amount to lose you are unlikely to see the big first week loss.


Dukan Ancestor!!
Ah yes I missed the FRUIT bit, of course!! Stick with Toffee or Vanilla (there are also the weight watchers toffee and vanilla), or flavour them yourself, which you are doing already.


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Thanks for the replies. Think I will switch to turkey mince and go for the vanilla and toffee yogurts and see what happens. I have one more day of Attack so fingers crossed I will see a loss before starting the next stage.

Thanks again.

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