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no WI...

aww whats up blackrose? whats making you fed up?
*Hugs* Why have you grounded yourself?

I was a bit humf about going this afternoon as I didn't feel as if I'd lost anything but I dragged myself there and was surprised. Hope you feel better soon.
Ak I'm just being a big baby. TOTM -and I'm not best pleased. I feel really bloated and am raging at the lack of energy it's brought as I've been feeling really good, loads of energy. I don't want to go for my first WI only for it to be tainted by bloomin' water retention. I'm ok though. I just need an easy day then I'll be back to normal. Thanks my lovelys. :D
****extra hugs**** anyhow. i hate totm i turn into a right grump and dont even want to leave the house.

hope the drak clous passes quickly my lovely :)
****extra hugs**** anyhow. i hate totm i turn into a right grump and dont even want to leave the house.

hope the drak clous passes quickly my lovely :)

Babes -I think I feel a break in the weather already! Gonna have a coffee and maybe a pampering bath. Gear me up for tomorrow. Think I'll go to chemist in the morning. I need to get going officially but my shakes seem to be never ending -it's no joke! I bgean exactly two weeks ago thinking I'd a weeks supply!! I know I missed some but not that much! LMAO
If all else fails I'll buy some pro-plus and get my ass movin' again.

Thank you!! ***RETURN HUGS**** :D
Oh the joys of being the superior sex eh. Hate the bloody things. I started LT during mine and was a bit of a header, moods were rotten.

Get yourself off to the chemist tomorrow, you never know you could be in for a surprise and all the water retention may have been flushed out with all the water you're drinking.

Indulge yourself and have a pamper session and the mood will lift, although I know when I'm in one of those TOTM moods it would take a crane and a forklift trunk to get me to the bath!

More *Hugs*
LMAO Betsy! Send that forklift my way will ya?

Thanks for the encouragement ladies -I'm feeling better -too bad the chemist is closed eh? LOL
go in the morning as soon as you wake up and make sure your empty. gives your true weight and guaranteed to put a smile on your face ;)

***more hugs****

im in a huggy mood :D


Eloquent hooligan
Tease.... ;) x

Long forward to it when you (eventually) post yr WI... I bet it's bigger than my.....

ego ;) x


Positivity is the key
hope you are feeling a bit better tonight. Take it easy on yourself and when you do get to the weigh in you will be delighted. Wishing you all the best.


Life is not a Rehersal!
Hope you feel much better in the morning Blackrose and get to the chemist and have your WI! I bet you will be amazed and glad you went.

WE will all be waiting to find out how you did :)

Take care
Blackrose, it will always catch up the following week, hope you feel happier...today, (Big Hug) Raquel x
I've been people! It's not earth shattering by any means so don't be all excited LOL

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