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NO wieght loss AGAIN

Hi I nned a rant I went to the nurse to get my tablets and AGAIN this month (and last) I have not lost a thing the good thing is i haven't put any on, she said it might be cos i am losing inches and not pounds, well anyway i have got to measure my waist to day and again in 2 weeks time to see if there's a difference if not then she's gonna take me off the pills.:mad::sigh::cry::cry:
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Are you counting your calories or anything though?? This could be why its not working, if youre not doing any structured diet just eating low fat food probably wont be enough. How do you know youre not eating way over what you need?? You really need to do Xenical in conjunction with a diet, taking the tablets themselves wont work.

You dont need a fancy diet, you can calorie count or do WW for nothing....


Violet is shrinking
have you been following the rules? :)
No ive not been counting calories just making sure the ffod i eat is below 15g per meal, I dont over do things though i eat either jack spud with cottage cheese and a piece of chicken breast, or salad or even pasta with chicken, nothing that takes me over the limit.
my nurse didn't say anything either, i mean the things i eat are not really high in calories either i just hope the inches come off as im doing the exercise, thank for the advice i will give it a go and see how i get on, i really thought i had lost this month as my clothes are very loose and i even brought a pair of size 16 jeans and fit fine.
Hey hun,

What kind of exercise are you doing? If you're noticing a difference in your clothes then maybe you are toning up rather than losing weight, as your muscle mass increases you may find that the fat you are losing isn't being shown as lbs lost because the muscle is replacing it - hence the STS.

I think the measuring is definitely a good idea and I hope it reflects the hard work you're doing.

You don't need to follow a strict plan for Xenical to work, and from what you've said it does sound like you are choosing healthy options. I'm counting calories to ensure I'm not eating too much, but if you stick to three meals a day that are low fat and don't snack, it is my opinion that you can't really go wrong.

I understand the point that Starlight makes that doing a diet plan in conjunction with taking the tablets will help you to lose but as long as you're eating low fat and not eating high sugar hence high cal content to make up for the low fat, you'd lose body fat for sure.

Don't give up hun, keep going and I reckon you'll see inchloss in two weeks time



Violet is shrinking
Are you making sure that what you are eating is less than 5grams per 100grams? as well as having no more than 15grams per meal?
yes i am sticking to 5g per meal sometimes not even that so i think it must be the calories, the exercise i do is 30 mins cycling, 25 sit ups then 50 stands ups, then i try to go up and down the stairs as much as poss lol, i also put on my abs belt for at least 30 mins i think for a while i am gonna try slimfast then a good healthy meal, but did anyone see 10 things you need to know about dieting on Really last nite it was very interesting and i picked up a some good ideas, like eating lean red meat as i dont like fish as it realeases something to stop hunger pangs.

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