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no wine!

Must be something in the air as I have just gone out to dinner and I SOOOOO wanted a glass of wine, my boss tucking into a large glass of chilled white did not help so I caved a bit and had a vodka and slimline tonic - bit cross with myself cos I didn't really love it!!!! Ah well only human, bed might have been a better option!!!


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I have switched out my nightly glass of wine for sleepytime tea with valerian. I don't know if its available where you are, but it does give a nice relaxation at the end of the day. I make it in a huge16 oz mug so it lasts a while.
It took a good three to four weeks for me to stop wanting my wine, however it was only a crux and I am much happier now that I have remembered I can enjoy my evenings/dinner out without the wine. Am now looking forward to it when I reach the end of this, but in much more moderation!
Even now afer being on this for 6 months my MIL always offers me a glass of red wine as she's having some -it can be so hard to resist. You can get a really bad hangover if you do drink whilst in ketosis, which is what puts me off!
thanks for all the support ladies, i'm so impressed with my resolve. oh came home after his cycle race and has munched threw dominos pizza, crisps and is drinking red wine!! i've sat with my white fish and cordial, just about to have a cuppa before i head up to bed. i just keep thinking, think of the scales! think of the scales!
Well done Sharon !! My OH does mountain bike racing and us always munching on mars bars etc I'd always have 1 with him but now they turn my stomach lol

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