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No wonder I had gotten so big!


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I know now why I am so fat! Lol!

I finally got a statement through from Barclays for the joint account of myself and h2b- we'd had some trouble with suspected online fraud and the account was held for a while. Well what a shock I got! I added up the amount we spent in 2 months on food- EXCLUDING the weekly grocery shopping. I was nearly sick when I saw the figure. In February and March this year, we spent £684 on food! How the hell did we manage to eat so much (and more to the point, how did lucky h2b remain so slim ;))

I should explain that at least £8 - £10 a day goes on breakfast and lunches for h2b. He has a physically demanding job and goes to work at 5am and isn't home until 5pm. He'll be taking a packed lunch to work from now on though!

But the rest of it- well that must have gone on takeaways and McDonalds. I am so ashamed when I think what I must of been putting into my body before. And what I was feeding my children. All that money wasted.... think of the handbags that could of bought. I am truly amazed at how blind I was to my eating problems. Thank goodness for CD!
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Lol, you're not the only one who has freaked out when adding up the amount spent on food. Myself and hubby would eat out/order in at least 4 times a week. Oh, the Radley bags that could have bought me.....:(


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It's scary isn't it? Our local takeaway is probably on the verge of bankruptcy now we're no longer ordering from them ;)
you know, you have to forget the shame...
todays society leads us to fill ourselves full of convenience stuff.

Over the past couple of years, we got to the point of the kids having their tea early... we eat late so ended up leaving it it till too late to cook then getting a takeaway.... at £20 a time we were spending this about 4-5 times a week.... scary when you look at how much is spent over a month.... Since stopping takeaways I have actually started to be able to save some money. I just never realised how much we had spent until I too analysed the bills!
The worse thing about it is, when we look back, we realised that although we spent so much on takeaways, we often threw about half of it in the bin as the portions were so massive!
I have turned the whole families eating habits on its head by introducing healthy meals etc which I cook fresh daily.. So I honestly think that scrutinising those bills and getting such a shock helped me see something that was happening right under my nose!
Well done for realising and have fun spending your money in a healthier way :)



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it amazes me that people say that cd is so expensive, and yet when you add up all the money you spend on weekly shopping, takeaways, eating out etc, thats probably more than double!
Saving grace is that cd is the way forward and you can start saving for those handbags! ;)


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Thanks for the positive words Tilly. I felt incredibly guilty looking at those figures, especially knowing its h2b who has to work to pay for it. He has been working long hours in the last few months as we're in the process of looking for a new house, but seeing so much money wasted has really opened my eyes and made me re-evaluate our situation. We too fell in the cycle of feed the kids early and then have a takeaway after they were in bed. I'm amazed at how so soon on my journey my attitude toward food and nutrition has changed.

I also thought CD seemed expensive Lizz. We spent about £70-£80 a week on groceries for the four of us and felt like I was being unfair by spending £40 on myself. Now I've realised how much we're saving, I've decided to put away £2 for every 1lb I lose so I can treat myself to a few outfits along the way ;)


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Hey Lisa..
Its mad when you look at things in that way.. we just spend spend spend but sometimes dont realise what the money goes on..........
But hey you have made your changes now.. and your on your way to being SLIM!!!
Keep smiling hon x


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Blimey Lisa- I know what you mean. Me and my hubby would spent a fortune every week on food. The worst part is that our local Chinese knows what our order is when we ring up!! At first it was funny - but now it's embarassing. I now spend less on CD than I did in Asda.

I'm now saving all those extra pennies to buy loads of gorgeous new clothes when I finally get to my target!

Keep going hun - it'll all be worth it in the end for both our health AND pockets!! xx

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