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No wrinkles on a Balloon!

oh well, here I go again!

I have been faffing about for far too long and have decided enough is enough. Its now or never!

I am seriously going to give this food diary a go this time, so here goes......

B 2 WW Brown bread (hex A)
bacon medallions
1 tsp LF SPread ( 2 syns)
fruit salad

D steamed salmon fillet
SW roast potatoes
Sw Roast swede chips

milk in coffee (hex A)

Not a great day superfree food wise but waiting on Tesco delivery tomorrow morning then it will be GO GO GO!

if there's anyone out there would like to give me any advice, it would be much appreciated. x
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Hi there, im new to this site but not to slimming world and i was reading thru your diary and you did say any help would be appreciated....
What plan are you following, Original, Green or Extra Easy?
You have brown bread as a HexA where as it should be wholemeal bread not brown and its a HexB not A....you have said you are awaiting a delivery so hopefully you will eat more once it arrives....Im going to put my food diaries on here to in hope they will help me and others, im more an original plan follower tho...Good luck x


A happy downward spiral
Hi there. Well done on starting a diary. I havent been doing mine for long but cant do without it now. I love the imput from others and being able to go back and see what I had/where it went wrong/what I did right!

You dont seem to be eating much food though. Maybe because you need your shopping (I love the few days after a shop!! So much better!) I will pop back soon and see how you are getting on!

Good luck!
Thanks for your input Gill and Lila, it is much appreciated! I didn't eat much at all yesterday, just didn't feel hungry. Gill, it was wholemeal bread I had, just checked, thanks for the heads up!

Just waiting on my Tesco delivery coming and then I can get back to my normal(ish) eating. I am a bit of a fruit monster usually and miss it when I don't have any. I am going to try and up the veg today, so here is my provisional food plan for today....

B 2 ww wholemeal bread, 2 bacon medallions, baked beans and fresh tomatoesLF spread (2 syns)

L punnett of melon, yellow plum, punnett mango, apple

D extra lean mince made with onion, and loads of carrot and BNS, boiled new potatoes, cauliflower, broccoli and carrots.

Snacks. 1 finger kit kat (3syns)

Need to go and put the shopping away.....I hate that part grrr!

Have a fabulous day everyone! xx


Was hungry at bed time so had a mugshot (1 syn)
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Beautiful day here today, teenage son went back to school today... Yahoo!

Out and about since the crack of dawn, so here's the diary planned for today.

B mango chunks and vanilla muller light

S banana, fruit scone with jam (14 syns)

L HM minestrone soup, lots of veg therein, slice wholemeal bread from 800g loaf (hex B)

S seafood sticks, tub of pineapple

D sea bass fillets, 100g Tesco noodles (1syn) carrot, broccoli, caulie and 1 new pots
Mixed berries, pineapple and shape zero

Milk in coffee (hex A)

Syns this week so far 22/30.
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Working early shift today so food diary should be thus.....

B magic porridge (hexB) made with vanilla muller, frozen berries and a banana.

S punnet of watermelon

L sea bass, egg noodles (100g 1 syn) carrot, broccolli and cauliflower

S nectarine and yellow plum.

D smoked haddock, salmon fillet and prawns mashed up with an egg and the inside of a baked potato. i then put it back into the potato shell, added hex A LF cheese and put it back in the oven. Absolutely delicious! fresh garden peas. Punnet of pineapple for sweet.

Tescos had a special offer on their egg noodles but I didn't realise they didn't freeze so have been trying to use them up. DH and DS's faces like melted wellies!

Trying to save some syns for the weekend as this is always my downfall! Whoever invented Bacardi needs shooting!

Syns so far 23/40
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Working early shift again so here goes....

B porridge.frozen rasps and pineapple

l fishy potatoes from last night, salad with lettuce,tomato, cucumber and spring onion

S banana and yellow plum

D smoked mackerel fillet (6 syns), new potatoes, salad as above.
frozen berries, pineapple, banana and muller.

S small piece of cake (10 syns)

cheesecake (?20 syns)

why oh why do I do it?

syns this week so far 59/50
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Day off today so DH and I are breaking free and going for an Italian meal and a few drinks tonight. Can't wait!

Will try and be extra good today with my superfree so as I can relax a WEE bit tonight!


B 2 WW bread (hex B), 1 low low cheese slice (hex A), 1 banana

S frozen berries, pineapple, shape yoghurt

L 1 Tesco LF cumberland sausage, 1 turkey rasher, dry fried egg, banana

D thinking I might have the chunky minestrone (hex B) for any pasta followed by mussels in spicy tomato sauce. I will ask them not to give me any garlic bread as it is absolutely impossible for me to resist!

Will report back to confess my syns later!

Have a fab weekend everyone x
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Last night's dinner was lovely..

D minestrone soup

Grilled fillet steak, veg

2 scoops raspberry ripple ice cream (oops!)(10syns)

1 small non creamy cocktail (?6syns)
2 gin and slimline tonic (5syns)
1 large glass of red wine(6syns)

I will give the dinner a syn value of 30 syns so if I am syn free today I should end the week on 89/70

now the dilemma I have is this.....

do I stick to 10 syns a day and be well over my allowance at the end of the week or do i say that I was going to have 15 a day and be under by 16? oh the decisions!!
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B coop pitta, with mushrooms, 2 turkey rashers and slice LF cheese (hex a)

S cherries and strawberries

L seafood sticks

D 2 slices roast lamb, 2 chicken thighs, pot wedges, roast carrot shallots and butternut squash

not terribly organised today - thats what I get for drinking on a Saturday night....oh god, I'm getting so old and boring!
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B/L baked potato (HEX B X 2) with cheese (hex A X 2) onion relish

D 3 chicken thighs, stewed carrot,onion and BNS

S fruit scone with butter and jam (20 syns)

Damn you scone!!

syns this week 20/10

need to try to be syn free tomorrow!! EEEEK

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