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No "Your Week" at the WW meeting

This is my 2nd week on ProPoints and when I went to the WW meeting this week they didn't have any "Your Week" leaflets to give out. I'm really disappointed as that's one of the main reasons I pay to go to the meetings and feel rather cheated that this is only the 2nd week and I haven't received one. Has anyone else found this?

Do you think I might be able to get one from somewhere else or does anyone have any spares?

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Had they run out? I think leaders were perhaps not quite prepared enough for how many bums on seats they were going to get with the new plan?
Re: No "Your Week" at the WW meeting

I think it would be very naive of the leaders not to be prepared for a huge volume of members - I remember only too well the hoo-ha when they launched the core plan. It was the same day they asked me to be a helper - I was on the new members table and boy did I earn my first free meeting lol.

I reckon tptb have underestimated, not printed enough and have had to ration the leaders. It wouldn't be the first time.
Re: No "Your Week" at the WW meeting

Thats a shame to hear :(

I agree with saying that I'm not sure they was prepared for the new plan and how many people would be starting to do it. And plus it's only a soft launch to and not even an official one, which means advertising I mean. But yeah make sure you get there first next week mate.

Our meeting has been running out of your weeks for a few weeks but we've had a sudden surge in members and they havent upped the quota our leader gets sent. Im usually early enough to get one but this week i was late so i missed out :mad:
I asked the leader and she said she had only been allocated so many so she didn't have any more but hopefully her manager is going to increase the number she gets so there is more. She runs two classes a week (Tues/Fri) and said no-one had got a Your Week today..very annoying!
This does not sound very good at all.

How long have WW been going for? Surely they have learnt by now to give there leaders more then they think there going to need?

You can never know 100% how many will turn up for a meeting, but when a new plan is rolled out, if they think 30 might turn up, then why not give the leaders enough stuff for 50 people, that way if 45 turn up, they are covered..
We were told we could ring customer services and request one to be sent out to us if we didn't get one, I get to class early so always get one but some didn't for the last 2 weeks.

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