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Nobody has noticed - STILL!

Ok, so I haven't been overly good lately but I am still only a couple of pounds away from a 3 stone loss in as many months (really found it hard the last couple of weeks. I would have been well past that stage by now).

I haven't had a single person comment on my weight loss! I have lost nearly 15% of my bodyweight. Surely it must show by now!! How much did everyone here loose before people noticed?

Not that I'm that bothered, I'm not doing it for anyone else!! :)

Have a great weekend!! xxx
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I've lost 36lbs so far and nobody has noticed, well if they have they haven't commented. I don't know if its because they think its a touchy subject as I was (am) so big.
im sure people have noticed hun but they might not like to say.xx

well done hun your doing really well.xx


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Many peeps dont like to say as they are unsure why you are lossing weight .

I had lost a lot of weight before peeps started to coment including close family as they thought I was ill the big C :eek:was mentioned more than once .

I still get peeps not sure they say hello and ask how I am then comment on my lack of weight .Dont worry they will pluck up the courage to ask :D
I don't think people will notice my losses until about 4 or 5 stone as I have about 14 stone to lose in total. But I reckon maybe if we have a lot to lose, people may notice something different about us, but aren't sure quite what it is so don't want to say, whereas after a few more stone, they realise what it is!? I don't know, just a thought x

Just remember yourself that 3 stone is fantastic, so hold on to that and it won't be long before people start commenting x
Remember most people are to pre-occupied to know other people hun, if they havent noticed 3 stone well blow them off as friends, i want to lose 3 stone if no F notices i will be going out and getting myself some new friends!!!

Did you take a before and after photo, get them on here and lets encourage you even more!!!
They will notice , I know this woman lost 4 stone , I thought no way , cos she was 25 stone I could not see the weight she had lost , I saw her months later she was size 10 , wow . It will notice give it time


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are you in between sizes hon? because i was looking bigger than i was when i started in all my oversized baggy clothes until i fit into the next size down. since finally fitting into some new trousers three people have said something in the last two days and nobody mentioned a thing over the last six weeks...

people will notice hon. in fact that probably already are :)

abz xx


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S: 17st1lb C: 15st4lb G: 10st6lb BMI: 34.5 Loss: 1st11lb(10.46%)
It's been in the last month that people have started commenting but it's definately been worth the wait.
Keep up the hard work and it will definately pay off.
Congrats on the 3 stone loss.:D


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When I lost 5 stone on cd 2 years ago most people commented every week they could see difference but we didnt see my hubbys sister for the whole time and had arranged to go out for the evening, got all dressed up felt great hubby said wow there gonna be so impressed with the new you and NOTHING!!!! Not one single word about me having lost anything!!! They were always happy to comment on how much id put on so can only put it down to jealousy hun.
You keep going your doing so well and just remember there just in awe of how fab you look!!! xxx
I think Abz could be right it took 2 stone for people to notice with me, and that was when I started to wear size 14s comfortably. I had been an 18 in denial at the start of CD, ie sqeezing into 16s when I really shouldnt have, so it took 2 stone to get to a size 14 but when I did finally start wearing my old size 14s people really started to notice and it was :wow: type comments that really spurred me on. Dont worry it will happen :)


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people feel awkward about that kind of thing hun dont worry im sure you can tell. show us your piccys you know we will b honest :)


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S: 18st6lb C: 17st5lb G: 12st0lb BMI: 43.7 Loss: 1st1lb(5.81%)
I'd lost 3 stone and met someone I hadn't seen in ages - they asked me how I was and then asked me if my hair was different!!! Gawwwddd some people lol!


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I know I should say it doesn't matter what anyone else thinks, but even telling myself that would be a lie in part. Sure, we do this for ourselves, but we want other people to notice how great w elook and feel. That's natural.

I think people are afraid to touch the subject. I know that when my mom lost a ton of weight - went form about 220lbs to about 140 before anyone said anything. Then it was a hesitant tap,"hey.... did you lose weight? How did you do it?" They're afraid to offend you or hurt you because they care about you. You have done so well - keep up the good work, and I promise it will pay off! You will feel so much better inside. I've only just begin mine last Thursday and already, even after just 5 lbs, I am so happy to know what I am doing is working, making a difference. Hang in there - you've done amazing!!

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