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nomoremuffintop's diary

good afternoon everyone, i hope you are all doing ok today.

not sure what im doing but here goes...
i am going to be starting my lipotrim journey tomorrow morning, going to the chemist this afternoon to collect the plan/fill in forms and get on those scales.
i have done this vlcd before and also cambridge and lighterlife.
i done very well for the 1st 6 weeks each time but then i give up :( i have 4 little boys that i cant even manage to clean up after due to my arthritis and hyper mobile joints which is exagerated by my weight so i really need to do this properly now before theyr all grown up and iv missed everything.

im only 5ft 2" and i am at my biggest ever - aprox 17 stone 4lb (ill know exactly once iv been to pharmacy today) so thats the low down on me, ill be turning the big 30 in 35 weeks so that is my goal to lose the weight of a whole person and not be fat and 30!
i love reading inspirational storys and look forward to getting to know you all, wish me luck! :p

id like to lose around 100lb in 35 weeks :confused:
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Hello, welcome and good luck!

Everything and anything is possible, you just have to take the first step x


Never Ever Give Up!
Good luck Nomoremuffintop, you will find that there are so many supportive people on this forum as we are all in the same boat... we all wanna look fab in a bikini again or shorts if you're a man :)
Hey nomoremuffintop... I have very simular asperation, I'm gonna be 30 in 18 weeks and hope to be a happ size 16, but gonna keep going after that, as I'm planning on a move to Australia and don't wanna go down there as big as I am...
This fourm is brilliant and everyone is so honest and helpful..their a fantastic bunch...
day one

thanks to all the replies :)
i managed to get to the pharmacy this afternoon at last so started a bit later than planned.
i didnt have anything to eat at all today so thought id just start as soon as i got home with the shakes at 3.30
i had a strawberry shake and have just had a chocolate shake as im off to bed very soon. they taste just as i remember which is fine, i am just going to focus on getting them down and if i feel i cant then ill try to imagine the fat melting off me eventually!
the bathroom scales at the pharmacy where i got the lipotrim say im 16st 12lb but the stand on (20p a go) scales at the pharmacy across the road say im 17st 4lb so i dont know what to do about my start weight? the reason im debating it is that the bathroom type scales were old fashioned and on carpet so they could be totally different position next week! ah, am i just stressing about nothing? :argh:
its only been half a day and iv managed to pick up a cookie and drool over chicken kievs and coleslaw but i didnt eat anything.
i know that everyone has been through this and im no different its just crazy how writing things down can make the feelings easier to deal with.

im off to have a nice early night now with my litre of water :tear_drop::tear_drop: i have drank 2 litres already and been in the loo alot already today lucky enough i have en suit so not too far to hop in the night. i just hope i dont have to sleep in there though!

catch up with you all tomorrow and hopefully have time to browse through some posts xxx
hey, i would stick with the pharmacist own scales, keep up the good work!
day 2 *Done*

As I lay in bed I realise that I have not been tempted to eat at all today! Even when feeding my baby I have not licked the spoon or nicked a crisp off one of the other kids, GO ME! Last time I done lipotrim I spent a lot of time looking in cupboards and fighting the urge to have a biscuit and I used to cheat - have a fish finger when cooking kids dinner or even scoff the left overs in the kitchen while nobody was watching :( I know its only day 2 but I really feel "different" more in control and focused. My husband is being more supportive (cooking for him and kids etc) and he has removed the batterys and the battery cover from my scales so that I can't obsess about weighing myself. Also I don't dwell on what I'm not having and its already habbit to keep sipping water. I can't wait to have the 1st weigh in whoo!! Ill be going to sleep soon but at the moment I'm watching a program on really (ch 248 on sky) called 'when diets go wrong' and there was a part on VLCD dangers..... It said that doing these types of TFR will increase the chance of gaul stones (excuse spelling) I wonder if anybody on here has suffered with that due to doing the diet?? XxX


Fighting for My Health
Don't have a gallbladder, so not worried about that one! lmao. Seriously though, yes, it can lead to gallstones. You can also get gout from the build up of uric acid that comes from rapid weight loss. Drinking plenty of water should hopefully prevent this though. Very low calorie diets do come with risks, but for me, the risks to my health from my weight are far higher than anything the VLCD poses, so I choose to take them. It's definitely worth being educated though about the cons, and not just the pros of this sort of diet ;)

Great to hear your hubby is taking on the cooking. Mine is to and it makes a HUGE difference. It's lovely to have good support :)

Sounds like your head is in the right place for this diet. Wishing you lots of luck :)

Hiya nomoremuffintop.... You definitely sound as if your head is in gear now, so hopefully this will work out for you... We are all in this together, reaching for the same (slim) goal!! lol

Good luck hun x x


addicted to minimins!!
glad you have your head in the game hun! keep at it and the rewards will be fantastic :) x
thanks everyone for the replys!!

well, im on day 4 and im still feeling good. i have more energy already and im sleeping better. not felt 'hunger' at all and i am in a really good mood so cant moan at all. i am finding it a little harder today to drink the water so iv filled 2 1.25ltr bottles with water and im going to make sure i drink those and i always add extra 200ml to my shakes so ill get the 3ltres in me at some point. i stayed up late last night and watched some tv with my hot choc shake but i kept topping it up with hot water (brought the boiled kettle into the lounge) and found that i drank a whole 1.5 litre kettle of boiled water on top of my normal drinks by the time i went to bed!
im going to have my strawberry shake now and make my boys some toast. i seem to want to feed everyone nice food even though i dont want to eat it? strange!
last night i made spag bol from scratch and id normally have a slice of bread and keep tasting the food to see if it tastes ok all the way through cooking but i didnt even get the urge to lick my fingers when i got souce on them dishing it up! i was like 'ergh' and wiped my fingers on the tea towel like it was something disgusting haha i even looked at the strained extra lean mince and thought how yukky and fatty it looked im so excited!

how is everyone else doing today i wonder? xx
hey, i would stick with the pharmacist own scales, keep up the good work!

thanks :)

i weighed myself on my own scales today after searching the house and finally finding the batterys and battery cover for the scales hidden by my DH on the top of the wall units in the kitchen (he was being supportive and hiding them as i normally obsess with weighing myself 20 times a day eek!). anyway, by my scales i have lost 13lb! i always put my scales (very good digital bmi / body fat / water scales in the same spot on my kitchen floor so i know they are always as accurate as i can get them....im now thinking i should just go with my own but limit myself to weighing myself just once a week.....ummm. ill get hubby to lock them away now untill wednesday :p

very excited still
good morning to anyone the comes across my diary :)

i am suffering a throat infection so swallowing the water is hard work today..scared of taking antibiotics incase it interupts ketosis?
not bothered with the ketone stix this time as im deffo going to get into ketosis at some point if not already seen as iv been 100%.
very proud of my self being on day 6 already and still feel fab about the decision iv made to change my life forever.

im enjoying reading everyones diarys and threads on here it really is helping me. my only problem is i have realised that i wont be able to afford the shakes every week and im now trying to find a way of getting money to pay for them :( i over spent at xmas, having 4 little boys is my motivation to do this but they are also my reason for being skint lol

i think i have lost alot of weight this week. i havent weighed myself today but id be very suprised if i have only 7lb on wednesday because i feel alot less bloated and sluggish so the water is really helping me to shift excess fluid as even my face has lost its puffiness!

ill be 30 on 9th september and my 1st wedding anniversary is on the 10th sept after being with James 17 years and always putting the wedding off untill i lost enough weight we decided to run off and do it in secret but i regret it now i wish i had my fairy tale wedding and my special day to show the world but james says we can renew our vows when im ready and im so excited to have something to work towards xxx

i hope everyone is coping well and feeling good :)
Congratulations, I am on day 6 today, found it hard going with headaches/tiredness and generally feeling yuk..... Havnt slept due to poorly dog so am very tired today and not feeling motivated at all..... My weigh in is on Friday (day 10) due to shif pattern, and like you I think I have lost a bit of weight. Think I am in ketosis (well I hope I am) as I have not wavered at all..... Keep up the diary its inspiring me to carry on Sx:D
Congratulations, I am on day 6 today, found it hard going with headaches/tiredness and generally feeling yuk..... Havnt slept due to poorly dog so am very tired today and not feeling motivated at all..... My weigh in is on Friday (day 10) due to shif pattern, and like you I think I have lost a bit of weight. Think I am in ketosis (well I hope I am) as I have not wavered at all..... Keep up the diary its inspiring me to carry on Sx:D

ooh well done to be 100% for 6 days too,
im going to have weigh in on wed day 8 but i have sneaked a look at the scales yesterday and it said id lost almost a stone! im not getting too excited but my scales said i was 17.4.3 last week but the pharmacy scales said i was 16.12 :confused: not sure what to do about my ticker so i decided to go with the higher weight on my own scales....as long as what comes off is the same it makes no odds but i will feel more determined not to fail the heavier i am the more i feel i need to do something about it lol. good luck for weigh in and let us know how you got on. :p

i had a headache yesterday but i put that down to the swollen glands and ear ache tht goes along with my throat infection. feeling a bit better today drinking warm water is helping as cold water seemed to make my throat spasm :rolleyes:
im guessing that water's water? hot or cold doesnt make a difference to losses?
i would like to try peppermint tea and in tesco they are doing 2 boxes of twinings for £1.50 but i didnt know what i could have?
i wasnt sure if there might be a certain brand i couldnt drink so if anyone knows please tell me xxx
Sorry you are not feeling 100% hun. This diet is hard enough when you are well!!.. You are doing great and renewing your vows is a wonderful incentive.....

Financially this diet can be a nightmare... Can you not try and put away the odd few pounds here and there until it mounts up, or if you are really flush one week, buy 2 weeks supply instead of 1? Before you get to a stage where there really is nothing you can do and before you run out completely, come on here and we will see if between us we can come up with something to help you hun x

Good luck for your weigh in x


Exclamation mark abuser!

Good diary NMMT (I'm going to just call you that to stop me thinking about cakey type Starbucks food lol!)

By the sounds of things your head is in the right place this time and I think that is 90% of getting this weight off, you will be slim in your 30's! And so will I :)

Like you said on my diary, how many times have we dieted before only to give up and then kick ourselves 6 months/a year on when we know we could have been well on our way to goal. Lets just get on with it in 2011 and get our lives back. Good for you, I'll be watching you... don't let me down!! (Sounds slightly stalker-ish :fear: lol)

su my problem is that i decided to buy the 1st 2 weeks without realiseing that in 2 weeks time i will have no money oops but i will find a way i HAVE to :)

haha paulaj sorry about my name....its actually the 'muffin top' i found hanging over the top of my combats that gave me the idea not an illigal consumption ;) i couldnt find anything to fit me one day and i mean anything apat from leggings which had holes in between the legs from chaffing! i grabbed my old trusty combats that i never wear as they are too big and i end up walking on the bottom of the leg and they fall down and i had to lay down to do them up :( i went down stairs, stood in front of my hubby and said "what is that?" and he said "whoa! where did that come from?" id always managed to wear clothes loose enough to not get that over hang. iv always had the apron as i have had 4 c-sections but the top of my tummy was flatter untill bam! there it was. that was the day (week before xmas) i decided to change in 2011 and so far so good xxx as you said lets get on with it! xxx
su my problem is that i decided to buy the 1st 2 weeks without realiseing that in 2 weeks time i will have no money oops but i will find a way i HAVE to :)
I haven't had time to look at your diary (but i promise i will)... How far into the diet are you at the moment? When will you be able to get another weeks supply? I am not being nosey (well, not completely anyway! lol) but maybe we can get some sort of plan in place in case problems crop up x x

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