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Hi Lou, how are you? Havent spoke to you for ages! I havent been on for a while as I have changed from Cambridge to LighterLife as I felt I needed the extra support!

I was just reading your thread about your dress! You WILL look like a princess in your dress, and it WILL fit you perfectly! I want to see the photos hun!
I hope you are ok and feeling a bit better now?
How are all the other plans going?

I am doing good, on 2nd day of diet and feeling fantastic! Skinny bride here I come!

Anyway hpe your ok, speak soon!

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Hey babe!!!

I am doing fine thankyou!

Funnily enough I was reading one of yours posts earlier and thought you were originally on CD! so you are a LL girl now eh? you will have to let me know if you think the councelling and CBT are worth the extra money!

Thanks regarding the dress:eek: I really was devastated! But I have been good this week, have had totm too which might answer for why I have been desperate to pick........but I havent, have had the odd extra pack though, which has to be better than raiding the cupboard!

Mum is bringing the dress up in a few weeks time(10th march)so I will try it on then and see where we are at. I was 12.4 on tues am, but 12.5 today(but think thats totm as I havent had anything I shouldnt have had)although the past few days have been sooooo cold I know I havent drunk my full quota of water!:rolleyes: so need to get back to that one!

Have wi again next week, didnt have one this week as cdc was away, so hoping for a good loss then.(was 12.7 at last wi)

Wedding plans are going fab, went to see registrar yesterday and made final arrangements, SIL is doing the hall decorations, got b.maid shoes last week end and various other bits and bobs...but yes its all coming together!

6 weeks saturday!!!!!!!!:eek:

We are really looking forward to it though and apart from actually getting married it will be a fab opportunity to see loads of friends and family we havent seen for ages!

Anyway off to get boys sorted for bed, had today off school and they are off again tomorrow.....was so lovely to go out and play......its just a shame the snow is so blooming cold!!!!

have a nice evening.....will prob be on later.

hugs Lou X


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Glad your plan are going well! I'm sure when you have your weigh in that you will have lost lots! You are so good just having an extra pack when you feel you need to pick! When I have to pick I go and have a major blow out!!!!!
Your wedding is coming round so soon, you must be soooo excited! Mine is 4 months sat, I kept thinking it was ages away and all of a sudden I'm panicking......it's not long at all!

I love LL, although it's expensive compired to cd, it's well worth the extra money! We have a group meet every sat and we have 2 hrs weighing, doing ketosis sticks and having a counselling session, everyone shares stories and problems and it really helps to keep you motivated!! Also you dont have an add a meal week, you just do the equivalant to sole source for 100 days!! Lots of weigh loss!!! yippie!

Anyway so good to hear from you! Keep in touch....will be on more regularly again now! :D