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Noodles and Pasta

Hi I just joined slimming world last week and I am going to my first weigh on in on thursday next. I am enjoying the veg noodles and rice and pasta, but my brother a keen fittness expert says that noodles are fattening...I always persumed noodles were fattening also. So I am anixous now that maybe ive gained weight rather than lost it. Ive stuck within my syns so I am unsure. I have been eating plain dry noodles.

Advice would be appreciated
Many Thanks
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Nojo on the YoYo
Noodles aren't fattening, your brother the carb nazi (I joke, of course) is just following the general advice given by the dietmongers that probably hang out at his gym.

You can have plain dried noodles boiled in water and then if you choose, you can stir fry them in a pan with fry light. You can choose to buy rice noodles or egg noodles or wholewheat versions of either. Dried not fresh as the preservatives in wok ready noodles will contain syns.

You can even have the Bachelors low fat supernoodles as a free food. Don't be scared of having the noodles. Add chicken and lots of fresh veggies to one packet of noodles and it makes a lovely satisfying meal for two.

Noodles are filling and low fat, but high carb. This is most likely what he means by 'fattening'. Follow the plan and it will work. I hope that helps.


No Coffee, No Workee
The others are quite right - noodles are not "fattening". Low-carb eating is a perfectly valid lifestyle choice and means of losing weight, but it isn't what Slimming World is about! Hang in there, keep doing what you're doing and come and tell us how you got on on Thursday. :)


Nojo on the YoYo
Oooh hun fresh noodles and fresh pasta are preserved. You probably haven't done too much damage to be fair! But check the manufacturers and see if you can make allowances. The noodle part of the meal is still free, it's just the preserves that need synning!


Nojo on the YoYo
That's exactly the point! YOU are on Slimming World, not your bro. So enjoy the plan and lose the weight and feel great!

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