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Not a good day


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Just thought I would come on here and try and clear my head a little bit.

Had a good day eating wise, I came in at 3cals under my 1200 limit. But I saw some photos of myself today that really upset me. I went to Henley Regatta at the weekend, had such a lovely day, but the photos have now emerged and it's really knocked me sideways.

I lost just over a stone last year for my best friends wedding using slim fast, and I felt sooo good. I was tanned, small and so confident. I had been using sun beds (bad I know) but I felt amazing. I decided after the wedding to stop using the sun beds (good choice!) and embrace my paleness! I stopped dieting straight after the wedding and have put all the weight on again.

In the photos I look so chubby and flabby and pale. I even had a little cry at work. Sorry for having a moan on here, I tried to talk to my bf about it, but he is such a sweety he just said he thinks I look lovely and he loves me (which is very sweet but doesn't help!!)

I suppse I just have to use those photos as motivation now and work forwards, making sure I do all I can to not be that person again. I'm realising more and more every day that this isn't just a quick fix this time, I really do want to change my lifestyle, and my life. I want to go from a sedentary person who rewards with fatty foods and will always start a diet tomorrow, to someone who is active, fit, healthy, and making the right choices.

Sorry for the moan everyone, I just wanted to get it off my chest and get my thoughts on paper so to speak.

Tomorrow......gym and fake tan!! ;)
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I think you are right - best to use them in a motivational way to help keep you on track

Just remember these pictures are your past not your present and only you can change it.


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I'm posting some photo's I took of myself later..... Bet my photos look worse than yours.. Just be sure in your mind that at next year Regatta you'll look a million dollars :D


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Sorry to hear you've had a tough day! Perhaps you're being too hard on yourself, going by your stats in your profile bar. We're always our harshest critics!

Good on you for leaving the sunbeds behind! Think of how lovely and youthful your skin will still look as you age. Have you thought about spray tanning?
Please dont be so harsh on yourself. You are doing something to help yourself feel better and that deserves nothing less than praise. Oh and please do not apologize for venting as all of us on here are in the same boat. Vent as much as you need :) I hope your feeling better.


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Kira, chin up girl, you now seem to be doing everything right. Thank goodness you're keeping away from sunbeds, you have probably saved your own life.