Not an official weigh in but

Jelly belly

I only get weighed every 2 weeks by my CDC. I got weighed last saturday and have got on my scales to day and have lost 11lb. I can't believe it

The jeans that I've got on today are too big on my waist, hips and thighs and are actually being held up by a belt

Not going to weigh myself again until my official weigh in next saturday.

Was aiming for a stone in the 2 weeks but who knows

wow well done to you, just a few more pounds and you'll be in the next stone down :p

well done you :D
It certainly is. My sister kept trying to get me to go for a drink last night and telling me I was boring but i am so glad i didn't go now
Well done!!

I have been out a few times, and drunk sparkling water, and taken my flavourings with me, after getting a battering as to why I am not drinking, As I always used to get bladdered, and actually enjoy watching everyone else getting drunk and stupid!

Well done, fab loss!