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Not cross this week!


Where's Skinny Minnie?
I've been for my second WI tonight and lost a measly half pound :(
Had a chat with my consultant at the end and she's said I'm not eating enough basic free food and if she took my fruit and lettuce out of my diary I'd be eating practically nothing (but apart from that it's fine lol).
So.... I've got back from class tonight and cooked a pasta quiche with cannelini beans and sweetcorn to take a portion to work for a snack as a swap for some of my fruit and I've cooked some quorn sausages to take cold for breakfast. She won't be able to say I haven't tried.
I am struggling hugely with the quantities though after limiting calories for so long, and as daft as it sounds from someone trying to lose weight I haven't got a huge appetite anyway (cocktails I can put away, food not so much).
Anyway, whingy bit over - has anyone else been told this sort of thing and if so how did you bulk it out / sort it out? (please x)
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Finding inspiration
I'm a snacker anyway, especially in the first half of the day. I bring in all my bits and pieces to work... so I bring three cheese triangles (HexA) to put on my Ryvita (HexB), sometimes with slices of apples. I bring some fruit and/or veggies to munch. I also have my breakfast first thing when I get into work (usually a yogurt with 28g of a HexB cereal). I just bring in all that I need to eat during the day and nibble at it throughout the day as I'm going along. I don't normally have much leftover by the time I go home. That way I make sure that I'm eating all the Healthy Extras and whatnot, as well as a good supply of free foods.

If you eat too little, your metabolism is likely to slow down and that will cause you to perhaps either hold steady at your current weight or even put weight on. So, crazy as it sounds, you'll do yourself more favours by eating than by not!

Fallen Angel

Starting again!!
I've always tried to base my three meals a day (aswell as snacks) on free food. I try to eat as 'free' as possible then add in HE's and syns when I can't help it. I always used to have my cheese (Babybel Lights) as a snack at work if I wasn't using cheese in dinner.

Don't get upset. The first time I did SW I put on 0.5lb in my second week. I sat in front of a load of New Year Resolutioners crying my eyes out. Then went on to lose 3.5stone in 5 months and many many slimmer of the weeks!

There's no need to eat lots in SW (even though you can). Stick with small amounts regularly if you can - Boiled egg for brekkie, free yoghurt mid-morning (if you want it), Noodle Mugshot for lunch, fruit if you want another snack, pasta/Quorn chilli/Quorn curry/bowl of savoury rice for dinner. As much or as little of all of them as you want (Can you tell I love my green days?)

FA xx
I agree with what the others have said, the real reason I have posted it cause I have to say I love your name :D I was such a button moon fan when I was younger my mum took me to the stage shows every year I even saw the singing hot pots live :D and the best bit is while she was cleaning up she found all my old button moon books from the 80's :D


Where's Skinny Minnie?
I love all the old kids tv, I've got dvds and vids with Bagpuss, Rainbow, Chorlton and the Wheelies, Fraggle Rock etc. I'm a nostalgia nut. :)
So far today I've had ryvita's with L/Cow for breakfast and I've just had a slice of pasta quiche (only a small piece but it's a distinct effort as I'd usually have fruit or salad). Apple for my afternoon snack and jacket potato with heinz spaghetti and a sprinkle of cheese for tea should cover all bases for today. What to do with my last HEb though?
Maybe a HiFi bar with a cuppa for my supper.
Going to be a stuffed bunny today!


I ate my willpower!
I agree with the other posts on here too. If you are not a big eater, then eating little and often helps. Variety is really important too. I alternate my days, although I have been on green for a while and I'm getting bored so I am going for a red week this week.


is a pirate arrrgggghhhh
i think the important thing is planning eating lots of little things is ace especially if there free for instance today i ha my toast on a morning then muller light at ten super noodles at lunch apple and cheese this aft then i'll have quorn sausages and beans for tea and for my supper i'll have fromage frais with muller light it sounds like loads but it's 5 syns for the day !! and all i am doing is snacking i am eating more than i did before i started but it's good cause it's boosted my metabolism.


is a pirate arrrgggghhhh
oops i meant fromage frais with a highlight hahaha
by what u lot have been sayin i'm not eatin often enuff.......that why i'm stuck at the same weight for 2 weeks.....so this week have gone to the green side, eggs rice pasta veg loads of fruit....even tried quorn and it aint as bad as i thought it would be,need some ideas for green days...................


Where's Skinny Minnie?
Pasta and Sauce Mushroom and Wine flavour is my favourite things ever!
(getting quite evangelical about it, wonder if there's a pasta and sauce rehab centre?)
Plus SW Chips and Mushy Peas is ace too.
Quorn lamb style grills are pretty fab and mashed carrot and swede go really well with them (esp. if you have some laughing cow squidged up in it).
I have no problem with thinking of stuff to have, just fitting it in is a bit of an issue. Proud of myself today though, I'm powering through!
Just bought the 100 green recipes book too so if I try anything good out of there I'll pop it on the recipes thread.
Quorn is fab but need quite a bit of flavour added to it. Mince is great in chilli and chicken style pieces are great in a curry. I've weaned myself off pasta n sauce as they're so expensive, so I make loads of my own pasta sauces and freeze them and use normal pasta. My favourite comfort meal is pasta, with baked beans on top, finished off with a HEa of reduced fat cheddar. YUM! The cracked pepper quorn fillets are free on both days - great to have with a stirfry. Don't forget the Swedish Style Quorn meatballs are free too and taste FAB cooked in chopped tomato's, garlic and herbs and served with spaghetti!!!

Don't forget on a green day you can still have meat and two veg type meals and fill up on lots of veg and a jacket pot/mash/boiled/new potato's or sw chips.

Don't forget Mug Shots too - all the noodle ones are free as is the tomato pasta one. I used to love my fried (in frylight) eggs and spaghetti hoops/baked beans for brekkie. Really set me up for the day! Lasting satisfaction yoghurts do what they say on the tin too!

FA xx


Where's Skinny Minnie?
Not cross this week

Went for WI tonight after my disappointing results last week and I've lost 2 pounds! :D I know that's not a huge amount but after the half pound fiasco I was ready to chuck in my pasta and dive into a domino's. So pleased!! Thanks for all your suggestions guys - couldn't have done it without ya! x


I ate my willpower!
:flowers: That's fantastic. I bet you are really pleased. 1-2lbs a week is a healthy weightloss and you will have more chance of keeping it off, so well done!
I always find that I bloat on the Green Days, so I tend to have one or 2 a week and the rest are red. Also, I never have a Green Day on the weigh in day as I seem to weigh heavier!

Well done on the weight loss!



Where's Skinny Minnie?
I struggle with red days as it stops my "business" lol.
On WI day I always eat light, selecting foods that don't weigh heavy. I wouldn't want to stand on the scales holding a big potato and a couple of bananas so I don't want to get on with them in my tummy either.
I've started looking through the threads to find red inspiration but loads of people are saying how well they've done with green so I'm a bit torn. My consultant thinks I might be one of those people who loses on alternate weeks.
I want my 1.5lb next week though to get my half stone so I better not level out again! I'm going to be exercising like a mad thing this week! :eek:

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