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Not feeling well

Looking for advice here. Ive got stomach pains and have just had THE SINGLE WORST case of the runs Ive ever had in my life. OMG thank heavens I was at home or, well quite honestly it would have been horrific!!

I dont want to fall into the 'blame the diet trap' but has anyone else experience this?
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I had a slight case first couple of days but would not call it horrific, I know others have had a similar problem but it is usually a one-off thing which should settle down quickly. Have you been on TFR or working solution?
Bren xx
Sounds like you have emptied everything out so not surprised you feel hungry - make sure your water is not too cold, that might help settle it a bit. Not sure what else to suggest except bed and sleep which is where I am off to now. Hope you feel better in the morning.
Bren xx


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Not sure why it has been so bad for you, it happened to me when i first started Exante though not as bad as you. Look on the bright side you'll weigh even less for your weigh in tomorrow!
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If you are feeling ok now then hopefully it was just a "passing" thing? Not had similar problem, quite the opposite - but maybe everything was backing up - so to speak. Hope you feelok now and get a good night's rest. Try to keep up the fluids even if you don't feel like it 'cos you will have lost lots of fluid.
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Hi Starlight,

My first week after about 5 days I had a similar problem. Not as bad as yours sounds but enough to have me in the loo for quite a while ;-) I was also a bit constipated in the morning and later that day....started with gripping pains then a rumbling tum and then well I imagine you know where I am coming from.

I have read quite a few VLCD diaries over the years and I seem to remember it can be a side effect of the concentrated vitamins and nutrients in the packs. Plus with the amount of fluids being drunk I think that is why it can cause an upset tum.
Keep an eye on it if you really are in agony or it doesn't stop after 24/48 hours ( could be a tummy bug) then maybe see your GP.

Hopefully it was a one off and the plus side like the previous poster imagine the total loss today!!

Wendy x
I have that every time I restart. I can spend a good 10mins + on the loo with really explosive bowel movements. Sorry if that's TMI but it is awful, especially if i'm at work and just need to rush to the loo.

It passes after a couple of days (well its not as bad anyway).
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Yes I think your body does have a bit of a clear out at sometime! Have you posted your weight loss today I'm excited to hear what it is as you've being doing so well!
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hi Starlight,
hope all still ok in the "waste disposal" department and you have not had any more episodes. So glad it did not throw you off track though.
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glad your all better now xx

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