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not feeling well

:patback: Having a bad time???

Take heart it can happen to us all, especially when those pesky scales through us off.

Take heart tho, just becasuse the scales dont say you have lost doesn't mean you havent..

I lost an inch last month but no weight so maybe go by measuring or how your clothes feel. Hang in there, it will be worth it.


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What kind of not well? Atkins fluey? You said you had a cereal bar this week -did you mean Atkins brand or a normal one? Because that could have taken you out of ketosis and might explain both why you've stalled for a bit and why you're feeling off. Feel better soon. Xx
For ages, I noticed I'd lost more in inches than in pounds. My clothes were looser but I'd not actually lost much weight.
You say you wanna feel slimmer in the sun, well quitting isn't gonna get you there! Stick with it. You haven't cheated so that proves you've got the attitude to carry on with this diet.
Sam x
omg could one cereal bar the other day have taken me out ketosis

got some sticks order will get tom so will seeif i am still in ketosis

i just feel so tired all time
struggle to stay awake in day
it really is that bad


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Anything with refined sugar and carbs in it can, hon.

If you're feeling that bad it's probably not diet related... Give the dr a call?
thanks rose
have nasty cough, just thinking been taking cough medicine could that have foooked things up too
You've got me thinking now...

Just got over a chest infection, the bottle the doc gave me has so much stuff ending in -ose it is scary.

I never thought about it just slugged it back. :mad:

Sigh, sugar, sugar everywhere.
and I am not allowed any ;)
cough mixture is full of sugar ............ hope you feel better soon xx


This is for life
Yes - just been looking at SF cough lozenges etc. Managed to get Halls so for noses, tickles and some SF strepsils for sore throat. But barely dare use them given quantity of nasty sweeteners and -ols inside - dont want a bad tummy too :(
agree with all of above, sounds like you don't feel well 'cos your not well!
(you can tell i'm a nurse, can't you?) :D

and i am hardly losing any weight now (been at atkins for 6 months) but my shape is slowly changing, and i am losing inches. (anyone holding the woosh fairy? it must be my time for her attention soon!) :sigh:
she stayed at mine last night ............... just given her breakfast and she s off but she would nt say where ! x

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