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Not fitting in :(


Is in the Zone

I guess I'm not part of the clique of this site, I've tried to fit in but it knocks my self esteem so much when I try and not even one person replies to my posts - have I done something wrong???

I've even commented on others posts - and they just ignore - or don't even see it .... I'm as invisible here as I am in real life.

Sorry is this sounds so melodramatic, I'm just upset I guess - you all seem such nice people and good friends - and I just wanted to be part of it all.

I don't expect to put one post and suddenly be everyone's best friends ... but a word or two of encouragement isn't too much to ask is it?

Maybe it's me - maybe I just don't understand how these message boards work, and I apologise if it something I've done or not done :(

I've probably annoyed some people writing this, because I sure you all see yourself as helpful and friendly - and that's how I see you all too - but somehow, everytime I come back to this site hoping for more, I just don't fit.

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Sorry you feel this way, I'm new to WW moving over from SF. Have you been asking questions that needed answers? Maybe you seemed on track and not needing to much help? I'm sorry i'm not much help I'm still trying to find my way around WW side, It's pretty big over here!
Please keep posting I'm sure people didn't realise you felt ignored. :O)


Gone fishing
Aw hun, it's horrible when you feel like isn't it :hug99: I'm pleased you mentioned it rather than go off in a huff.

Because this is such a large site, people often get used to replying to the names 'on their list'. So it's not a case of you doing anything wrong.

You've done lots of supportive messages, and I'm sure that now you have highlighted yourself as a member, people will be popping you down on their list ;)

If not....I'll talk to you :D


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And I'll talk to you too. I am so sorry that you have been ignored and overlooked. Have you thought about putting your name down for one of the WW teams as I know team members support each other.

We really are a friendly bunch here so hope you will accept the olive branch. And welcome.
Irene x
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I agree with KD, there are a lot of new members and some posts just seem to get swallowed up!

Just keep posting hun, wherever you want to, doesn't just have to be on one particular "diet" and you will get replies and responses.

x x x
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i think you're overthinking things Twig, people do read your thread but people don't always post thats all. Its not anything against you xxx


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Aww hun
I felt a bit like that in the beginning - but persevere and u will click and find people with like minds hun xxx
Chin up x
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oh twiggy i'm sure no one meant you to feel like that, its true some people on here hit it off with some people better than others but i dont think anyone means to be cliquey. and i'm sorry you have felt that way .
even tho there are days when i get lots of comments on my diary,there are days,like today, when i go to it and no ones commented on it and i feel a bit disappointed, you just kinda have to keep going!!

please dont go,
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Hey Twiggy

Sorry you're feeling rotten and left out! There are so many posts and diaries to keep up with that your post can very quickly be relegated to 2nd or 3rd page!!

Have you got a diary that you can update regularly and let people know how you are getting on?? or a food diary?? the food diaries seem easier to manage and easier to pop into others?

Stick with us!! Hope your weight loss is going well!!! xx
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Sorry, you do have a diary, off to nosey! x


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Hi Twiggy, Im sure most people have felt a little like that at first....I know I don't have time to comment on everyone's dairies, but do look in on most.
The teams are great for support because it's just a small group of people so easier to get to know people.
I love this site and am so glad I found it (must have been fate because all I was searching for was a points guide for maccy d's :p)
There are so many inspirational people, everyone is kind and helpful,
I hope you are feeling a little better now and hope you will stick around and add to the number of people all in it for the same reason and losing weight together xx


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Welcome Twiggy!

I think it's normal to feel like that at first. We all do. We finally find certain members that we get on with and then support each other - i guess it could look cliquey from the outside but no harm is intended. There are always the good old reliable members who post to everyone and always seem to be there for support.

I am sure things will work out just fine. I hope all is going well for you xxx


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Just popped in to say hello, I'm only just back posting today but hope you feel more at home now

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Hi Twiggy....as everyone else had said - really nothing personal.

I can't keep track of posts on here and have been lazy as KD says and stuck with the posts on my user CP panel...now you are on there....
Hi Twiggy and thanks for posting on my diary. Now I'm back from my honeymoon I'm hoping to get to know the new people on here as there are a few people I haven't had chance to get to know yet x


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Hi Twiggy
just want to say welcome and it will be lovely getting to know you, even if you are on the opposition team

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