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Not for the faint of heart...

I went to my sister in laws and brothers after i came back from Belfast to pick up my car.. and when i got there.. she told me this...

She works in a taxi firm, and this girl who she works with absaloutly adores snakes.. She has a 6ft python who wanders around the house.. She noticed he was looking quite wide (nope.. not what your thinking.. he hasnt eaten the dog or anything).. and that his poor little jaw was dislocated.. so she took him to the vets.. and the vet asked where he slept.. So she told him the snake slept in the bed at night with her..
He said "i dont want to scare you or anything.. but what was happening was.. he was preparing himself to eat you.. What he would have done was widened enough to fit you in.. and strangled you in your sleep and ate you whole.. once he sees you as food.. thats it, you're food..".. and said how he was very suprised as the snake was ready, that he hadnt eaten her already..
so basically.. The snake was gonna eat this woman..

How absaloutly scary is that..!!!!!!!!! It has proper freaked me out.. so hes told her she will have to find a zoo or something for him.. but to be honest.. who lets a 6ft python sleep on their bed at night with them?

Just thought id tell you all..

Loadsa love.. Cat x x x
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LMAO!! That is just weird....
Flippin' norah! :eek:

Mind you, I'd be OK ... there isn't a python on the face of the planet that could make itself wide enough to eat ME whole!! ;)
I know Jo said she saw a huge snake in bed the other night but I think that might have been something else......
Just checked and she confirmed it was a shadow from the lamp on her bedside table....
LOL mike.. Sooo funny..

And i know.. Id like to have seen the snake eat me.. she must have just been a teenie tiny little thing.. lol..

x x x
Flippin' norah! :eek:

Mind you, I'd be OK ... there isn't a python on the face of the planet that could make itself wide enough to eat ME whole!! ;)


Silver Member
This is why I hate snakes! :eek::eek::eek::eek::eek::eek::eek:

I saw a documentary once, about these boas constrictor or something like that. They are so huge they can eat an adult man, so a couple of miniminers would be like starters, CD dieting or not :p

if I am having nightmares, I will know whom to blame :p;)

Look you missy kitty cat, you freaked me out enough on MSN with this story earlier. Now you go and post it on a forum you knew i would read, especially knowing i always go to the threads written by those closest to me first - you are a bad bad person!

Good job im a parseltongue xxx


is Special :P
Haha you know i remember i story about something like this. There was an article in the Australian paper and two people wandered off from some kind of camping group thing in the jungle (not in australia) and they huddled together to keep warm. THey went missing and a few days later they found a snake with 2 people inside it, huddled together. There was a photo and they looked alive ust a little blue.
Bizzare but snakes have eyes bigger than their bellies i reckon. A bit like myself.
Taz x


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bad Cat!!!
Now how am I going to get to sleep :eek:

I'm just gonna have to get in the car and drive to your house :D (don't forget.. its not that far away!) I'm at the airport again on friday... you have been warned!


Right to the 'point'
This happened to a mates mate too, also the snake was not lying curled up as it used to in bed, rather lying straight out. The Vet said this was it checking the measurement to see if the person would fit in. :O

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