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Not Good!! :-(


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I'm feeling a bit the same and its only day 1 for me:eek:

I've just made myself a cup of peppermint tea which I really enjoyed! Keep going, have a bath/nap/cup of something "legal" and think of the new you!

I have also just spent half an hour or so taking my measurements and am just about to go and write a list of goals so I've got something to focus on!

Come on, you can get through this, it's only a state of mind! :D



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This is very common but if you persevere this will pass when you go into ketosis as it will help with those feelings of hunger.

In the meantime make sure you are drinking your water throughout the day.

Until you go into ketosis it can help to divide your packs in two, so instead of having three meals...you have six mini ones spread over the course of the day.

You must make each half up fresh and consume within 15 minutes as some of the vitamins are water soluble.

Hopefully you will go into ketosis by the end of day three or four...

You are doing well to get this far as some don't make it past the first day...hang in there.:)

To help keep your mind of feeling hunger you could occupy yourself in the Arcade...Pierce has reset the games back so you have a good chance of being the top scorer.:D

Here is the link below.


Paula also has given you some good practical advice and things to do.


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i'm on day 4 now, it does get easier so stick with it. As said above drink plenty of water (not more than 4l a day)


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Hey I'm on day 1 and I feel exactly the same! But wat is keeping me going is picturing myself in clothes my friends or sisters wear or bn the slim 1 in the photos! I can't wait for ppl to stop and go omg u hav lost loads of weight!
Bring it on :)
Best of luck


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have a nosey on the internet at people who you would like to look like,, sort through your closet,, have a nap or an early night,, have some tea.. have a bath,, face mask, paint your nails,, brush your teeth,, ( you wont want to eat them!) ..... make a list of goals,, mini goals and rewards to give yourself when you reach mini goals....lots of things to be doing..

We all need to break the habit of thinking we want food when we dont.. hang on in there and youll be in ketosis soon and you will feel heaps better..

chin up..were all in the same boat...you can do it! xx


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Dont give in to your hunger pangs.. they will pass....

Im back on TFR after my Christmas refeed and this is day 4 for me.

The first few days are the hardest, I was exactly the same when I started Lipotrim in November. I always want to eat at around 6.30/7 pm sort of time. I try to save my evening shake until then.. or I have a cup of black coffee then have my shake later on.

I have just had my tea time shake now. Im feeling less hungry now, I have had a headache for the first 3 days which has now lifted so ketosis is kicking in....

Be strong and dont give in... it really is worth it... :) x


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How are you feeling today Slimbycrimbo? Hope your feeling more energised, day 3 for me is going well, we need to focus and envisage our new selves!


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Really good tips pudge:) me and other half are clearing out the house tomorrow so that wil keep me sorted tomorrow and then I plan on painting a few rooms after that I'm just going to pamper myself :)


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thats the way to do it mrsmoose!! keep busy!! youll get everything done!! instead of leaving those rooms till next month theyll be done by the end of next week lol!!... no midnight feasts itll be midnight painting :) xx

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