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  1. fiojam

    fiojam Focused & goin for goal!

    ... SO much better than 6 months ago!!!! :D

    This week I've only lost a measly half pound :mad: Was REALLY hoping for one and a half :cry: BUT, I'm now 65.75lbs lighter!! I've gone from a VERY tight size 20 (and even a 22) to generally a very loose size 14... I even bought a pair of size 12 trousers yesterday AND THEY BLOODY WELL FIT!!!:bliss:

    So, generally very happy although a little cheesed off with the lack of loss this week. I'm away for a long weekend next week so wont be officially weighing in on Sunday - I've therefore decided to have my official weigh in this wednesday and also the following wednesday. I'm hoping to maybe get down to 10st 2 by wednesday (from 10st 3.75) which I think *might* be possible :eek:

    Also planning on having a contour body wrap this week which I'm really looking forward to after reading the fab things posted on here a while back.
    Although I've lost quite a lot of weight and am feeling much better, I'm not too happy with my saggy belly - sadly I've got quite a few stretch marks on my waist which are hardly visible now as they have faded but my skin seems to have lost some of it's elesticity. Hopefully as I'm 26, it *might* gradually go back a bit (but I don't expect it to be as it was before) so I'm hoping the body wrap will help.

    I'm getting married in august and are going on a fab honeymoon - I've decided I am going to wear a bikini for the first time ever :D I know I'm not perfect and I've not got a super body and I'm a bit saggy but I've decided I shouldn't be worried about that and all people are all different shapes and sizes and I should be comfortable with what I've got. SO excited :D

    Anyway, will post an update on Wednesday.

    PS - I've also just updated my ticker with a new goal. It was 10st but I think I want to ultimately aim for 9st 7lbs. I've decided to take it step by step though so have changed my ticker goal to 9st 10lbs and aim for that first as 9.7 seems a little far off (only 3lbs in it but psychologically much closer to 10st :D)
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  3. Dani

    Dani Full Member

    Well done.

    Can I ask how tall are you? You have done amazingly well - are your colleagues astonished?
  4. fiojam

    fiojam Focused & goin for goal!

    Hi Dani - I'm 5'4''. My ideal weight according to my BMI is between 7st 9lbs :)eek: WHAT?!?!?!?!) and 10st 5lbs. There is no way on this eart that I could possibly get to 7st 9lbs! The lowest I've evern weighed was 8st 10lbs and to be honest, this was a little low. I think weighing between 9st7lbs and 10st would be ideal for my height.

    Yes, people at work (and the kiddies parents) are pretty amazed. I've had LOTS of comments recently which has made me feel pretty good.

    What about you? You also the same height as me? I'm 26 years old (almost 27), do you mind me asking your age too? What body shape do you have? I'm a pear so carry most of my weight on my bottom and thighs (terrible saddle bags!!) Just really wanting to compare height, age and shape as we are so close in weight and target.
  5. Dani

    Dani Full Member

    Alas I am aged and frumpy - 39. Although I probably think of myself as a bit younger. Not had kids and work really hard out and about so tend to look a bit younger (in the semi-darkness).
    I'm 5.4 and a HALF (for some ridiculous reason this has always mattered). For our height the chart says 10.5 is minimum (I keep wondering what about the boobs - surely big ones will skew the bmi measure?!). Lol at 7.7 - I'd have to amputate my legs..

    So I look quite trim now - but still a little muffin top around waist (and the saggy overhang - must exercise). So I think maybe I should aim for my stretch target which is 9.13.

    Lol during my 20s I got down to 8.7 ...and I didn't even appreciate it.

    I was this weight only two and a half years ago. Work stress has gained me FOUR stones. I am now learning to chill out more.

    Seriously - I am never going to get myself so large again. I really impacted my health. I am a little worried about maintenance. Given I have the propensity to gain weight so easily. I'm no fan of the gym, and I do like a glass or two of wine...

    There are some interesting observations about bmi on this web site
    Better Ideal Weight Body Calculations
    (don't know how to do the proper links)

    It is all about perception of ideal weigh vs medically necessary. V interesting.
  6. fiojam

    fiojam Focused & goin for goal!

    LOL!!! Yes, surely if a woman had a big bust then this should be taken into account?!?!
    I don't need to worry on that front though :eek:

    I know what you mean about not appreciating being a certain weight. When I was lighter I would always moan that I needed to lose more, however, when I was tipping the scales at 15st (which was about 6st more!) I would have given ANYTHING to be even just a couple of stones lighter!!

    Well, that link is interesting. 'My people's choice ideal weight' is 126lbs - that's 1st 8lbs less than I am now, that means most women my age and height are aiming to be 8st 10lbs :eek: I've been there and to be honest I wasn't happy - my boobs deflated to nothing and I just didn't feel myself - I think i was also daunted as to keep the weight off and stay at that weight I found it VERY difficult!!

    Thanks for the link. Have a good day :D
  7. flirty40greeneyes

    flirty40greeneyes Busy busy busy!!

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    Well done on getting to your healthy weight. Don't worry about it only being 0.5lb this week - I'm sure if you drink all your water you'll be at least 10.2 by Wednesday! Good luck.
  8. Dani

    Dani Full Member

    I think it is odd how most people want to be lower than is realistic. Think Americal lollipop look. My peoples choice is too low. I did weight that once. And I looked ill. 10 stones will do me. Still slightly curvy and boobs!
  9. Curvalicious

    Curvalicious Silver Member

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    Hiya, a lot of the time you wont lose much weight but will inches, think about it that way sis, congrats by the way.
  10. fiojam

    fiojam Focused & goin for goal!

    Thanks flirty. I know... a loss is a loss and I should look back at what i've done and stay focused on what I want over all.

    I think i may have been a little ambitious aiming for 10st 2lbs as I'm on CD1000 and only had half a week to drop 1.75lbs... sometimes I've only managed to lose this in a week!! I've decided I'll be happy with 10st 3lbs by wednesday (tomorrow!)

    Thanks for the support :)
  11. fiojam

    fiojam Focused & goin for goal!

    I know this is true but we sometimes get caught up with the numbers on the scales dont we :rolleyes:
    I got into a size 12 which I should be really proud of :cool:

    I am looking forward to tomorrow's 'official' weigh in and will post up the result.
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