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Not had the best CD day

I've stuck to the plan 100%, but still angry with myself that i'm only managing the minimum amount of water. I really feel this will affect my losses, especially as I weighed myself today and and down 5 1/4 lbs. I only have 1 whole day before I have my 1st WI. Everyone elses 1st WI result are almost, if not in double digits. I just know mine won't be.:cry: I did a Ketones test and Im in Ketosis, I'm not on the darkest square, but the one next to it, so it's telling me Im fairly dehydrated :( but I can't physically manage anymore water. Ive ached all day which hasn't helped. Sorry for my moan.
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I think they say that if you've been on low carbs prior to going on CD SS you have less weight loss in your first week. You also seem to have more weight loss the higher your BMI is.
I'm sure a CDC wil answer this soon to put you right.
I think 6 or 7 lbs is great. Half a stone off in a week, excellent.
Keep up the good work.
Thing is so what if you lose 'only' 5 1/2lbs in your first week, you may lose that in your second, third and forth weeks to and I don't know anyone that's done SW that's managed that, or any where near that.
There is no way that the weight losses that you see with CD can be ever be seen in a diet where you carry on eating.
Don't look it as 'I've only lost 5 1/2lbs in my first week', look at it as 'in 6 months I will be the smallest I've been in years and there is no way it would of happened this quickly if I'd stuck with SW'.
Keep going girlie you're doing great, be positive about CD, it's a great thing!:D
You may be surprised - yes my weight loss was big - but then so am I!!!!! You can never tell until you actually go and get weighed and fingers crossed it will be a big surprise. Day 6-7 were the worst days last week on week one but it does get better, I didnt believe it either dont get me wrong it is still hard but my water intake has doubled since last week.

Keep strong




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sometimes when I feel I can't drink water usually when I'm cold, i add a quarter boiled water to it so it's warm sort of blood heat it's easier to get down at that temp hope this helps xx
i agree with kelly and think a 5 7lbs weight loss is great for week 1, but maybe try the hafl cup hot work in ur water that might help u take some more in tonight hope it helps ashley xxx

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