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not having packs after 8pm?



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never heard that one before. I reguarly have them after 8!


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Whoo, I too often eat a pack after 8pm - particularly now that I'm on SS+ and trying to fit in an extra CD meal (I often have CD 'hot chocolate' just before going to bed). It would be interesting to see replies to this. :eek:


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I read that post too. I only have my second one at 7.00 p.m so save my third one until 9.00, maybe 10.00 - sometimes I even drink it in bed as a hot choc before I go to sleep so that can be 11.00. I dont have a set time for my third one but it is ALWAYS after 9.00 p.m. I don't think it makes a difference.


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Hey everyone,

I read in a post the other day that we're not supposed to eat packs after 8pm 'for health reasons'. Is this true? I always have one of my packs around 8 or 9!

Can someone please clarify for me? Thanks
You can have your packs whenever you like, as long as it's the whole days worth in 24 hours.

Would appreciate it if you can point me to the message you saw that says otherwise.
I read that post too last night, but can't remember which thread it was on. I still socialise down the pub (yes,with sparkling water!!!) and I save a soup to have when I come home, so I'm glad it's not the case that we shouldn't have any after 8pm xxxx
Yep that's the one KD xxx
Phew, I have a late one too!

It wouldn't actually make sense anyway really..... it's not like eating a huge carb laden meals then going to bed on a full stomach... where the body just can't burn it off...
I would imagine that most of our packs are immediately zapped into action for use by our bodies vital organs to get all the nutrients where they need to be.... ??

Yep that was the thread. Thanks so much KD, got really worried yesterday as like the other ladies, I quite often have a 'hot chocolate' pack before bed. I like to save one until later in the evening, stops me wanting to snack if I have a pack left to have.


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