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Not Hungry But Want To Eat!!

Hey everyone,

I'm on my 7th day and think I'm in ketosis as today I haven't felt hungry at all but seem to be craving everything my mind decides to wander upon.. Chocolate that is in my cupboard, my sons meatballs he had for dinner, crisps, a sandwich, a kebab, a chinese!!! My first weigh in is tomorrow and I know I won't mess it up by eating a meatball but just need to keep myself occupied this evening. I keep thinking can I keep this up for the next 3 weeks? Do the cravings ever stop? This seems to be the hardest part for me, just habit I suppose, makes me realise how many takeaways I have in a week.. I never really thought of myself as a snacker but i guess I must have been lol..
Sorry to go on just need to keep myself busy so not to think of food lol..

Good luck everyone!! x
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Sakora Princess Warrior
I know exactly what you mean. But I think it is down to us being carbo addicts and we are now in withdrawl, thanks to ketosis we thankfully are not actually hungry and so can prevail. And like you too I get on this when I am really demented lol
Hi Sakora,

I managed to keep my mind off food.. After I came on here I read some of my book in the bath and then sat down to watch this weeks One Tree Hill.. What do you do to take your mind off?

What day are you on? Have you got a lot to lose? I have another 77lbs to lose to reach my goal of 100lbs loss which would take me to 10st 4lbs although I would love just to get back down to my pre-pregnancy weight of around 12st 7lbs and back into my fave size 14 top.. I have it hung up in my room on show for motivation lol.. Some days it feels like I will never get back into it but others I think 'I can do this!!' lol..

Haha have a thing about rambling on, Sorry!! :D

Goodluck with your weight loss journey xx


Sakora Princess Warrior
Lol I have 70 pounds to loose. I am on my first week and lost 15lbs. Like you I come on here or go buy myself new coffee or tea lol. Water and the breath strips help as does chewing on anything non food lol haha. Where you from? I am from Ireland, I am 29 mom of 2.
I'm 21 and I just have the one child, (and sticking to one lol) a little boy.. I'm in england.. Sussex lol.. I never know how to explain that when I go up to London and someone asks lol..

Looks like we're in the same boat then?! How long are you thinking of staying on lipotrim? I was thinking maybe 4 weeks to start with and then see how I feel after that..

Well done on your loss.. Thats an amazing result.. I can only dream mine will be as good!!! My first weigh in is tomorrow so fingers crossed lol.
My pharmacist said on the 1st week it's best not to have the soups or flapjacks so hopefully he will let me tomorrow, I know some people don't like them but it would be nice for some variety. Have you tried these?

GL xx

I though I would post my 1st week weigh in.. I lose 13lbs!!! Over the moon!!
How are you getting on?

GL xx


Sakora Princess Warrior
Brilliant, well done! I will be hoping to try the soup and maybe flap jacks tomorrow. I have tasted the flapjacks before and they are not particulary nice but as you say variety would be nice.

I have these moments where I just want to get a bag of chips or a cracker or chocolate. Ofcourse I know.... this will lead to more. those moments are hard. Today was tiring. But it really does show how addicted and what a binger I am!

I am currently training in a chemist and will be for the next 6 weeks so i plan to do tfr till then and hopefully refeed after that.
I know what you mean my mum had a chinese at the weekend and she knows how much I like the fortune cookies so kept them as usual to give to me but I stayed strong and said no to even one!! :flirt2:
The only problem is my little boy has decided he likes them so he came home with 3 for the week lol.. He left one opened on the table after dinner and it's still there.. Might have to pop that in the bin in a minute though lol.. As soon as I have one bite the whole thing and probably the other 2 will be gone in 0.5 seconds lol don't wanna risk it after losing so much already..

My pharmacist gave me a peanut flapjack for free to try (wasn't to eat the whole thing just nibble a piece lol) Eeww is all i can say I won't be asking for any more lol.. Also tried the soup today was LOVELY until it cooled down :(

Welldone on your weight loss too!!:happy096:

Good Luck xx


Getting there!!!
girls both of your 1st losses are just brill! well done! i would love to have a first loss like that! fingers crossed,like you both i have one little girl,shes 4 n a half,starting ''big school'' in sept!! i cant believe it,i just want to be a yummy mummy for once in my life! keep it up chicks ;) im from swords,dublin: Sakora where are you from in ireland hun?


yummy mummy in the making
You've both had fantastic 1st week losses! I'm hoping for 10lbs or so but if I manage a stone I would be over the flipping moon!!!


Getting there!!!
seems to be easily done lancsgirl so lets cross our fingers for both of us eh ;) x

Welcome and good luck, have you both just started out? I'm getting kind of bored .. The weather isn't too bright here and I'm stuck in :(
My little boy isn't in school yet .. But doesn't the time fly? It will come round fast enough !! Don't know if I'm looking forward to it or not lol.. Piece and quiet for a couple hours a day but also he won't be here.. I've only ever had about 3 nights away from him and maybe 1 day since he was born it will feel soo strange lol xxx


yummy mummy in the making
I'm starting Friday Hun, I've done Cambridge before so I know my way round vlcd, ive got a whole six stone to lose and I am hoping I can do it in 6 months, I've got a little girl 20 ,moths and my days are spent looking after her and while the weathers good lots of walking down the canal, so I'm prepared just waiting for Friday to arrive! Good luck to us all.xxx


Getting there!!!
yep luv im on day 2! had a bit of a downer earlier making the dinner so i told my fella im not making it anymore,he can!!! the smell was just breath taking haha,but im fine now i had my shake while cooking for him and our lil lady! i have 2 weeks hols off work and since yesterday i dont think there is a single spec of dust left in the house,i havent stopped cleaning!!!
Same as me, distracting myself with cleaning lol my mum would be surprised!! My room was always the messiest lol.
I live right by the beach so when the weather is okay I walk along the stone.. I love the beach it's so relaxing!! :cool:
I would be careful if you're standing whilst drinking your shake hun, My pharmacist said to make sure I sit and drink it.. :):confused:

How are you getting on today? I was at my mums and she was making Jacket potato, cheese and beans for everyone it smelt soooo good lol but I resisted and made a black coffee:D

Goodluck xx


Getting there!!!
oh i didnt know that, i suppose when you sit you would be more inclined to take the time to recognise its a meal lol! im shattered here now, i went to bingo with my mam n sis n i won 65 euro,exactly enough for next weeks shakes ha,im chuffed i dont need to dip into my wages! id love to live by the sea,its so calming on a hectic day!! we're getting our new puppy tomorrow! big surprise for jessica,she hasnt a clue we r finally getting one for her,i cant wait! x

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