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Not hungry!!!


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For a start you should be having breakfast as it kick starts your metabolism. If you can't manage it first thing, then have something abit later. I take it you weighed your cheese? And you were having a green/ EE day. Where are the fruit and veg? SW is not a licence to eat great mounds of stuff. You should stop eating when you're comfortably full. Missing meals is not good for you and will slow your weightloss down. If you split your food into 3 or even 5 meals then your metabolism will speed up and in the end you'll lose more.
(Oh G*d I sound like a teacher! I don't mean to preach, but one meal a day is not the way to go)
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Tell it like it is Judi! :D Hehehe, I love the straight talking.

She's right though. Even if you're not feeling 'hungry' as such, try breaking your food for the day into smaller meals. Have a bit of fruit or small bowl of cereal for breakfast, couple of ryvita mid morning etc...

If you are really not hungry, there might be something wrong with your body - illness or something. So I hope you aren't ill.

Slimming is hard, you need to make an effort with your food, varying your choices and making your diet exciting, even if you don't feel like eating. A bowl of plain pasta just isn't going to cut it! Your body might well cling on to any fat because it is not enough enough fuel to keep it going.

Sorry, I'm rambling. Hungover! LOL! But you get the idea :)


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Good advice there Judi for us all to remember, well done, thank you.


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Than you for posting this I was going to post something similar. I think that Ive been having too much at breakfast and the eating lunch and by tea time I fairly full anyway and yesterday I missed my HEB because I was full and just didnt see the point of eating. I think I need to eat less and then more often.
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Thank you, i usually eat plenty and a good variety too, just wasn't feeling hungry yesterday...? Been a better day today though :) Oh and i don't usually skip breakfast, but i didn't wake up until 11AM yest - i haven't laid in like that in yonks!

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