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Not impressed with the Bars

Anyone else think the bars arent that nice?
Took a peanut one to work today, managed 1inch of it - vile - nice when you first take a bite but leave the worst after taste. got a girl i work with the try it and she was nearly sick :jelous:
Its taken me 2 days to eat half a Caramel one, there soooo concentrated i just cant handle them. luckily my CDC takes back and exchanges anything i dont like.
Have toffee one but dont know if its worth trying.
im clearly just a shakes girl!!
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i know what yuo mean about the dissapointment, when i first tried the chocolate one i almost barfed, it smelled like dog. its a shame you didnt like the peanut one, thats one of the more popular ones - i read from a CDC its peanut and cranberry, which is also my favourite!
think i'll stick with that i know. i have the last 1cm square of caramel bar to eat and then thats that.
Probably for the best though - if they were nice then 1a day just wouldnt do


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i had my first bar today. i had the malt toffee one and it had a slight after taste but it was nice to have something to chew on! i got one of each this week so i'll let you know what the others are like x x
The first time I had them I was a bit dissapointed, as thought they would be more like a chocolate bar. However they are def growers and I grew to love them more and more and now I actually crave them!

Sammi N

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It goes to show how our taste buds differ, i cant stand any of the soft ones i adore the peanut ones and the cranberry. Much prefer a crunch to a chewy texture. Tho I find i get jaw ache within the first few chews. It's like ive had a meal by the end of one hehe


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I quite like them, sometimes set off cravings though!
I'm into week 3 SS on Monday and looking forward to the bars (if only for a bit of variety) - can't get on with the soups - they taste too powdery and when I tried to blend the tomato one it ended up like foam so I'm a shakes fan too


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The bars are quite nice, my favourite is cranberry and i like the orange one. I chop them up into little squares and pick at it throughout the evening rather than sit with a bar and eat it in seconds. Saying that, I don't eat a lot of bars and I am keeping off them, and the mousse, all week this week to see if my losses improve (becasue they are really c**p) lol


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I always have them in.......just in case I want a kit kat type feeling.

Personally i can't tell the flavours apart except some are fudgy and some are chewy. I generally buy a couple a week extra to the shakes for the "just in case" moments.

As someone said they really do grow on you....bit like the porridge really !


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Can you not have the bars from week 1 on SS ?
I wont be starting till next week so any info would be great.
Thanks xx


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It depends on your CDC. I personally did, but a lot of others seem to say from Week 2.


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I will be on Sole source Caroline
Thanks x
I think your losses are great! What other diet would you lose more with?

On the bars front I think the dark chocolate orange is by far the best and couldn't stand the peanut or cranberry ones
All day long I look forward to the evening time which I can sit down with a nice mug of black coffee and a chocolate/cranberry bar straight from the fridge - yum!

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