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not just a diet its a life style change

im on week 3 of lipotrim i love this diet i dont miss food at all BUT i cant stop smelling things lol. i made toast 4 my babys this morning and stood there 4 almost a minuite just smelling it,if i cook i just love the smells funny thing is it never even crosses my mind to eat it,its making me start to relise food is no longer incharge of me im incharge of it in a way as silly as that sounds.im not saying my mind has totally turned and i dont love food cus if i stopped this diet now i know id go bk 2 old eating habbits but it has made me relise im in charge of my body and what gose in it,i never started this diet expecting to feel like this i just wanted the weight off but i am litrally amazed at the results im seing and how incontrole i feel of not only my body but my life it really is a life style change not just a diet.
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Doing LT has made me realise just how much food I used to eat! For example, I am only buying 2 loaves of bread a week now, instead of 5....I was always accussing my 2 teenagers of eating all the bread lol!
I too really don't miss food now, life seems far less complicated not having to worry constantly about what I'm going to eat next. I'm using this time to work out what my triggers for eating are, and hopefully trying new strategies to work through them.
I am amazed at myself as well cooking for kids and OH and not wanting to eat any of it I too find the smells are enough I think I want to be slim and healthy more than I need to eat the food right now and LT 100% is the only way I can achieve my goals.


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I dream about food every night : ( Last Saturday morning I was dreaming of filling a big Victoria sponge cake. Felt rubbish when I woke up lol, doesn't help that I work in food three days a week and am having to get people to taste things for me. Never mind it will all be worth it : )
Thanks for the great posts. However, I still feel hungry sometimes and get cravings but then again Im only on day 9. I lost 10 pounds and delighted with this but the damn cravings keep coming. I havent given in to them and dont intend to but just hoping theyll ease off. I guess getting trough this week should tell a lot and as I get used to it, they might ease up. This is my last chance to do anything about my weight so Im not going to give in. Damn bloody hard though, but as they say, ''Nothing in life comes easy''.
This plan really helps you take a step back from food and for me it has helped me realise that I have developed a habit of craving and eating mainly junk food for the sake of it because I can and not because I need it.

I am hoping during this timeout I can re-train my thinking and take better care of myself in the future. I am realistic I will still be naughty but reduce the frequeny for special occasions and consume smaller amounts that way I hope not to feel I am missing out.

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Start weight 08.03.10 12st 2lbs ..............
Week 1 15.03.10 11st 10.5lbs - 5.5lbs
Week 2 22.03.10 11st 4lbs -6.5lbs

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