Not loosing any weight, please help!


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I have been sticking to SS religiously for the past 11 days, the first 5 days(which was also totm) I was able to shed over a stone but now in the last 6 days I have not lost a single pound, I have been trying so hard, I have even been doing fitness videos I have not cheated once but nothing. I feel hungry after an hour of eating a shake which I know isn't normal so I don't think I'm in Ketosis, I'm 21 years old so I should have no problems in sheding the pounds but it's not happening, I am so close to giving it all up but i really don't want to
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Please don't give up. There are things you can check. Are you having all your water? If not that can make you stall. It is also true that you can lose fat but not weight and then after a week or two you have a huge loss (there is an article that explains it - I will try and find the link). But believe - keep going and it will come of. I also always feel hungry ( have done each time I have done this diet) even when in ketosis. It helps a bit if I brush my teeth, some say if you drink even more water it helps too. Mainly I tend to just grin and bear it and then smile when the weight eventually drops off again.


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Try measuring. If yo are working out as well you could be building muscle and losing fat, as fat is denser than muscle your weight won't change but your waist will!


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Definitely take measurements too. There have been weeks before where I haven't lost a single lb but I've lost inches. I know it's hard and I can understand how frustrated you must be right now but stick with it. A few questions...

Are you having all your packs?
Are you drinking enough water?
Just how much exercise are you doing?

All of those could be playing a part. You won't be gaining muscle. It's not possible to do that on a vlcd because of how little calories and protein you're having. You say about fitness DVDs, what ones are you doing? The exercise won't really help you lose more each week but it could make you lose nothing. You're running on so few calories already, a little extra light exercise is ok but too much or too intense will make your body hold on to everything. Basically it knows that you're just not giving your body enough and it knows it so it holds on to everything and won't let go to try and help itself to survive.

Also, you lost over 1 stone! By losing that much you are going to have a small loss the next week. You have a big loss, than a small loss and then you average better losses most weeks after that.
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It's entirely possible you've gone into shut down. Your body can do an awful lot, but change from your previous calorie intake to about an eighth of that (going by my own previous calorie intake on an average day!) is going to affect it and you need to give it time to get used to doing just that before adding in other things for it to deal with, like the exercise. Week one you lose more as you liver and kidneys dump the water they hang on to as it changes from using glycogen for energy to using your fat (glycogen is stored in the body in 4 times it's weight of water) - so, firstly your body needs to get used to the change in it's energy supply. It's vital you get enough water in every day for all the fat burning processes to work properly.

When your body is still in the shock of the energy change, adding additional energy outputting activities (exercise) will shock it further. All your body knows is there ain't anything coming in like there used to be, and there is loads more going out, so self preservation kicks in, your body assumes a famine time and concentrates on the absolute essential processes for staying alive - burning fat is not one of them, and your body will seek to hang on to everything it can in case of no more food coming in. I'd consider ditching the exercise for now, give it a good few weeks, then add in some extra cals when you do exercise.


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I lost 11 lbs in my first week and then 1 lb in the second week. I think the third week was 5 lb and then 2 lb in the fourth week. It varies but it does keep coming off. I would suggest that you weight once a week if possible and don't do intense exercise unless you are used to it - your body will not lose weight as quickly and you could be harming yourself.


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I really hope that everyone is right, I have been measuring myself and I am losing an inch here and there but not much. I am so close to giving up though, I went on the scales this morning and aparently I have gained 2lbs I really don't see how that is possible, I eat all my packs everyday and make sure I eat them at the same hour every day, I drink all my water. I am going to go somewhere that has scales today and see if it is my scales playing up because when I weigh myself it can vary within 6lbs when I go on them I am hoping it's just my scales that are broken, so I will weigh myself today on different scales then next Monday use the same scales and see if there is any weightloss, if there isn't then I'll take a trip to my doctor.


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don't give up, i made the mistake of weighing daily at different times and it varied my weight up to 5lbs each time, great idea of yours to if possible go somewhere once a week with good electronic scales and weigh yourself then, i'm sure you'll be pleasantly surprised i only weigh once a week now, i was weighing everyday then getting frustrated when scales were not moving or even putting on when i knew i'd been 100% it's very damaging to your self esteem and your weight loss attempts, well done for sticking to it :)


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I agree with the others, I lost 10lb my first week , nothing the 2nd then 8lb the 3rd I'm now on week 4 and its not looking like I've lost anything this week. Bodies are funny things, keep going x


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it is so hard to be motivated when the scales aren't saying what you want them to. All you can do is stick with it because what is the alternative? You could go back to eating what you did before, put on the weight you lost and end up back where you started. You could try a different diet - but realistically how many diets have you tried up until now and how many of them have failed?

VLCD diets are all about staying consistent. Staying in ketosis and just pushing through the down times. they will come and go periodically and everntually you learn that given time things come right.

My advice is to cut right back on exercise. it will not speed up your weight loss and could make you hungry. Give yourself at least six weeks before trying to exercise at more than a walking pace.

make sure you are drinking loads of water and try cutting out diet drinks if you are having them. Some people react badly to the artificial sugars.

Try cutting out bars and milk if you are having them. Both of these can knock you out of ketosis if you have a low resistance. I can't have bars. i have one and i want another. they are as bad as a mars bar to me. I also fail to lose weight if i have them.

Try to have liquid food rather than meals predominantly. this will increase you liquid levels and keep you feeling fuller.

Give it another week while trying all of these tips and you might find you are kick started.