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Not losing on 810!


Slimming down the aisle
Give it another week and see how your body adjusts, you've been doing SS for a while, so may just be it reacting to food it hasn't had for a while! You might not have lost lbs, but I bet you've lost inches, do you measure them too? I wouldn't worry or get disheartened, I'm sure it will pick up!


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I find that when I do an 810 week I don't really lose (this is when I move up from SS), but I really tell the next week and usually have a better loss than usual. Its all swings and roundabouts, it will come off if you stick with it, your body just has to adjust to the increased intake.


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Hey Hun....I wouldn't worry about it, you know you've been 100% so maybe your body just needs to get used to the extra calories...i'm sure you'll have a great loss next week. x


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Yep, as Caroline says. Sometimes this happens when going up to 810, but people either lose the following week, or they have a bigger loss if they need to go back to SS or SS+ after it.

Keep the faith. There's no way you can't lose fat on 810 :)


Slimming down the aisle
Exactly as KD says, you're having 810 calories a day. If you're sticking to that, then there is no way you can't lose. Your BMR can't possibly be below that. So just stick at it and I'm sure next week you'll see the results on the scales! If you don't measure yourself, you definitely should! There were weeks that I lost nothing on the scales, but lost a great number of inches. So you see, the scales don't say it all. You might have shrunk but gained muscle, and muscle weighs more than fat!

It is possible that you are not showing a loss because you are replacing the gylcogen stores that everyone (who is not in ketosis) has in their liver. My LL counsellor recommend to us that we all lose four to five pounds more than what we wanted to maintain because we would naturally replace our glycogen once we started consuming food again. So, it may be -- if you stayed the same -- that you actually "lost" stored fat, but replaced some gylcogen. You may have shifted your body's balance in a good way.



Slimming down the aisle
Ah, but you can't gain muscle on 810.
Can you not? Well I should keep my advice to myself unless I know for definite then! I suppose you're not getting enough to take protein away from other places. Makes sense!


Gone fishing
Can you not? Well I should keep my advice to myself unless I know for definite then!
Don't worry, it's something a lot of people say, but isn't correct. You need loads and loads of excess calories to make extra muscle and even then it's tough for a lady. Losing fat can 'highlight' more muscle, but on a calorie deficit however small it's highly unlikely that you would build it unless you were incredibly unfit and with a very minor lowering of calories.
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Hi sbridge

Just caught up with your post, I don't have any answers but thankfully there have already been great replies.
But wanted to also add the message of - please don't feel disheartened, it will all work out for you. I remember how much you have achieved already x

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