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Not losing yet!!!!!


Determind to do it!!!!!!!

I started on friday of last week, I have still yet to lose anything. I keep going up and down by a few pounds but nothing drastic. I really don't think I have been following it strictly enough. However, I have stopped craving carbs, so that is not bad. Just want to start shifting the weight.

Must be strict from now!!!!!!!!!!!
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Why don't you try posting menus on here if you're worried about what you're eating? I'm sure maintaining means you must be close to being on track.


Determind to do it!!!!!!!
Very true Rosebug.

Today I have had-

B- 2 egg omelet with 2 mushrooms and chorizo slices.

L- 3 slices of ham rolled around a spoon full of guocamole each. 6 green olives and 7 fresh anchovies.

S- handful of roasted chopped almonds.

dinner will be salmon steak with lovely green salad.

I have had 3 pints of peppermint tea and 2 pints of coffee(wow, that sounds bad, but it is black and fresh, not too strong either!)

On previous days I don't suppose I have been quite so good, maybe over done the carbs a bit.

Also, it is totm so that might be a bit to do with it, I feel so bloated, great to be a woman, hey.
Hello fatgirl slim.

I have been on this strictly since Friday and I am yet to get into kitosis!!!

I had been having MIMs, Sugar free jelly and cream but have been advised to leave them out as they might be stalling me! I would just be over the moon to get into kitosis...atleast then I would know Im doing it right!

Hope the scales budge for you....and me lol!
p.s....how do you know your in kitosis? Have you done a stick?


Determind to do it!!!!!!!
Thanks darling. No worries about ketosis, it will happen, but I keep going in and out of it like a yo-yo.

I know i could have been more strict, I have only just stopped craving carbs.

You will do great. I was on lipotrim before this, think I just expect too much.


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I know that totm feeling well!

The only thing there I'd look at is the guac, unless it's home made? As it has tomato and such in it usually. The kind I sometimes get is about 1.5g per spoonful. And I know Jim would suggest more veggies ;)

See how you're doing after totm, it does tend to make bodies go all illogical.


Soon to be Slim
Hi, I'm not 100% sure but I don't think almonds are allowed on Induction, I thought they come in owl a rung or 2 up the ladder. The anchovies are very salty and might be making you retain water. And pehaps cut out the guocamole. I think Jim would say just keep it simple and have fresh meat and leafy greens. I hope this helps, good luck.
Your right ruth.... almonds are not allowed in induction or any nuts for that matter. Maybe there is some salt lurking somewhere that is affecting you. Try going strict by the book induction if you can see if that helps. Also lots of pure water I have not had a fizzy drink since I started now in the beginning I was not fussed but am getting used to it now lol. Good luck anyway :)
yes no almonds on induction, more green leaf veggies and guacamole is 3G carbs per teaspoon


Determind to do it!!!!!!!
Cheers guys. I will keep off the nuts and guac. I really am trying harder now, the scales should move soon.
Cheers guys. I will keep off the nuts and guac. I really am trying harder now, the scales should move soon.
Go you!! After 2 days off the MIMs. cream and Jelly I am now in a very pale kitosis! Wooohooo 2 both of us! :) x


A thin person in disguise
Woo hoo to u both!! I am going to follow ur example and cut out s/f stuff. Do u guys still have cream tho? If so what with? Xxx
Stick with it, the losses will come, go back to Atkins basics and eat nothing other than acceptable foods be very strict with your carb count, drink plently and you will see a loss. Your TOTM may be interfering with this weeks loss I always stay the same that week no matter what I eat!! Good luck xx

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