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Not losing!


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Welcome to the forum. I think you should wait for the full week before you weigh yourself. If you are following the plan and drinking enough water you will definitely loose weight!!

Good luck with the rest of your first week - let us know how you get on.
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I agree with Wales. Oh why oh why were home scales invented??? They get people so upset over so called 'not losing weight', when it's probably just that they don't say the same as the CDC's scales. I think they should all be smashed up!!!! Keep going love, as Wales says, if you stick to it as you should there's NO WAY you won't lose! xxxx
Thanks for replying - i will carry on with the plan but im scared i wont show a loss. i did CD for a week last yr and lost 10lb the first week- maybe im just going by this? xx


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Just wanted to say welcome and good luck on your cd journey..
I am sure you will have a great loss the first week.. Sometimes your scales can play games with you. Mine often dont move the whole week until weigh in day...... and so far I have never not lost..
Your doing fab stick with it and the losses will show x

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Great advice from the others. Just wanted to wish you well for the rest of your first week xxx keep strong x
Hi guys

I wanted to say a big thankyou for all your replies. Ive lost 5lb this week! even though its not as much as i was expecting, im really pleased

Hi guys

I wanted to say a big thankyou for all your replies. Ive lost 5lb this week! even though its not as much as i was expecting, im really pleased


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Well done on the 5lbs - which is 5lbs in the right direction!

I am a serial scale hopper - I hid them for a while in about week 6 - that didn't last long but what it did teach me was that it is the longer picture I am interested in - not the short term losses of a couple of days.

I now only see my CDC every two weeks and whilst I still hop on and off the scales I only record my weight once a week and officially every two weeks. I have found that this has really helped me.

Here's to a great week next week for you!
Hi Wales- thanks for your reply! it means a lot for someone to keep up with my progress.
Im next due to see my CDC on the 7th July, 11 days! i have decided not to weigh myself once during this time so i will keep doing it.
I will keep everyone posted, cos ive spent the last 3 and half yrs wanting to lose weight- and if i can make it this time i will be over the moon xxx


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well done on your loss and welcome to the forum.

Keep us all updated with your losses.

PS Keep off those scales they are like watch kettles haha


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Well done sweetheart thats a fab loss. :) x

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