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Not lost any wieght yet but!

Taking this all very slowly not expecting a miracle over night. Due to being a bit depressed lately I have sort of lost my appetite. I've started my diet by cutting out all snacks for now and been seeing how that's been going the past couple of days... sort of weening myself off first.

Also been buying a lot of pre-made salads as I have no time to make them I know some are high in Calorie but I won't normally eat much else if I have one and make myself walk to tesco's which is little over half a mile away from me, just to get one it's kinda like motivation I guess.To get myself walking. I'll do that after I've already walked to the study centre and back which is quiet far I might find out how far and add up the miles. I used to walk a mile home everyday a few summers before and I lost so much weight so I think walking will really help.

If I'm at Uni I won't even go in the canteen cause I know I'll buy chocolate. I am avoiding chocolate at the moment which is an issue cause I know I will get a mad craving for it. But I'll allow myself some when I'm actually calorie counting. For now I'm just getting my body used to eating less.

Though being worried and depressed is helping it's in a bad way. I feel like my stomach's tight and not hungry like if I eat my stomach just hates me for eating when I have so many butterflies in there.

I want to do this in the healthiest way possible and I want to make sure I can maintain my diet not just when I'm depressed but happy as well. Thats why I haven't been counting calories yet I'm just trying to get my body used to all the new changes. Last time I had to go to the doctors cause my body couldn't cope well with the extream change of diet. It did get better but was irritating.

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Hey Hamu! Good luck on your weight loss journey! Every thousand mile journey begins with a single step! Try to just take one day at a time, and focus on each decision you make. Really understand why you're doing what you are doing etc and I think that'll be really useful.

I hope your depression stays at bay. Nothing is ever as bad as it seems, and remember for every single problem you might experience someone somewhere has experienced it before and got over it. The only thing that can defeat you is yourself. Whenever I have a lot of pressure on me over something and am feeling to buckle I always just think to myself that this present moment is all there is. The past is an imagination in your head and the future doesn't exist. What are you lacking in this instant? Unless you are in a life threatning situation - chances are this moment is just right for you, and that's a great place to start from!

I'm rooting for you on this journey! Good luck!
The biggest thing for me was remembering why i was killing myself in the gym everyday. After a while of going i was addicted to the gym. I wad finally accepted somewhere and i was soooo much happier being in a healthy lifestyle. Recently i let go of those reasons and quit working out for about 5 months and now i am going back tomorrow. This is something that takes a lot of patience and help.

I will for sure be following you on here and hopefully help out. I'll let you know how i am doing too so we can hold each other accountable. That is, if you would like too?