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Not LT related! Migraines...please help!


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OK so I have not been a big migraine sufferer over the years but got the very occassional one.

But at the moment I have had one for 7 days! Migraleve is doing nothing. If I take solphadeine and then ibrobrufen 3 hrs later and then solpa again 3 hours after that it goes.....but if I stop for about 8 hours it comes back again!

Now my question is......I have been getting little pains....hard to describe.....like all my nerve endings are hypersensitive.......It moves around....it can be in my legs, arms, scalp, anywhere.....only last a few seconds and then moves to another place! My scalp is tender to the touch. I feel like it is even in my teeth at this stage.

Is this migraine???? Will it ever go? I really can't face my gp.....I have been for 3 antibiotics for different things in the last 2 months!!!!! He will think I am nuts! I mean I am sick of listening to MYSELF moan at this stage.

Is there anything I can do to get rid of it???? Just to know that I am not losing the plot would be nice! :break_diet:
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I'm really sorry, but if you have had a migraine for 7 days that really, REALLY deserves a trip to the docs.

Sorry I can't be of more help- but get an appointment tomorrow or else :D xxx
You really need to see a doc, he might be able to change the medication???..
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Have you ever tried sumiptran (aka Imigran)? Its what we use in work when someone has a migraine. You can get strange nerve issues with migraines that can mimic other conditions. If this has been going on for 7 days, I think a trip to the docs is wise.

My feet have been numb since the diet and Ive been having pins and needles a lot. Its annoying!
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Imigran (Sumitriptan) can be bought over the counter I think but if you have had this headache for seven days you really should see a Dr. If you think we are making a fuss then call NHS Direct and they will tell you the same thing.

There are other migraine tabs - Zomig (Zolmitriptan) Maxalt Melts (Rizatriptan, I think). I have to say that the GPs I work for take Maxalt but each migraine sufferer is different and some things that work for one may not work for others. In our PCT the first line for migraine is actually Sumitriptan.

You really should get to your surgery sooner rather than later - it even says on the packets of Ibuprofen and Solpadeine that you have been taking that if your symptoms persist you should seek medical advice

Hope you feel better soon


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:sigh: Looks like there is nothing for it......Docs visit on the cards......working a 12 hour shift tomorrow but will see can I disappear for an hour....if not Wed.

Thanks girls!

Poor cat needs to go to the vet too! She keeps sitting in front of me so that I will see her lip....it is swollen....don't know what you call it but she gets it every 6 months or so and needs an antibiotic to get rid of it.....and she knows when she has it.....It only came up tonight ..... ah where to find the hours in the day????:sigh:
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Please let us know how you get on at the GPs - things move so fast on this site I keep losing everyone!
I suffer from really frequent severe migraines and have lots of weid symptoms you wouldnt expect with a migraine and hypersensetivity to things like being touched because it hurts like crazy is one of them yep you can get imigran from a chemist they just make you fill out a little form thingy re how often you get migraines how long you have had this one i think its basically because its donkey tranquiliser strength and you cant take it all the time so they keep a little log of when you last had it but it does work and reasonably quickly and if it doesnt then go wit that then go to the doc hon xx hope you feel better soon
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Hi Sara - So sorry to hear you are suffering i do suffer from migraines and have one now started yesterday afternoon went to bed early and took pain killers but nope still here - however i do find fresh air and water really helps - make sure your keeping your fuilds up - when my head is banging i find it hard to lift it up the hardest thing is getting out maybe sit in the garden as honest the cold really helps - in the car i use the aircon sometime i just sit their with it on .... hope you feel better soon & v well done on your weight loss xxx

ps: i am a Sara too pronouced Sar-ra how is yours ?? xx

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