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Not really OT...Camping


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Some inspiration required please :)

My friend and I are taking our kids camping weather permitting this week - only a couple of nights. She is a 'can eat anything and not gain an ounce' girl (grrr) whereas I really want to try and stick to plan.
Morrison's sausages are a must LOL but what else can I take - easy to make on a one burner hob with a small pan.

It's a space problem as well and keeping things cool, we usually freeze a couple of big water bottles and have them in a cool bag within a cool bag - that works quite well keeping things fresh :)

So, anyone come up with some meal ideas?
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Jackets - we took some last time pre cooked and wrapped in foil, just shoved them on the side of the bbq - forgot about that! Cheers :)
When i last went camping in April, i had a green day where i took 3 packs of mug shots and some tins of beans and tins of new potato's. I just boiled the kettle for my mug shots and threw my boiled spuds and beans in a pan together to heat them up. For breakfast that day i boiled some eggs in the kettle (!) and had them will soilders.

The day after i had a red day and just went to the local supermarket, bought a disposable BBQ and put some chicken breasts on there and had with a pre packed salad. Bought bacon and eggs for the day after and made an omlete for brekkie.
Are you doing red or green?

You could certainly do a load of red-day stuff on the bbq. Meat and veggie kebabs that kind of thing. On the hob, get making yourself a fry-up! Bacon, eggs, mushrooms, your morrisons sausages...scrummy.

On your hob, on a green day, tins of the chick pea dhal from asda are lush - really tasty and filling.

Tinned veggies could work, and use eggs and make a frittata type thingy...topped with cheese if you like. That would be a good meal for superfree foods, which I am all for!

Will keep thinking!

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