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not really sure!!!


Please kick my butt!!
i've been thinking about this post for a few days. I dont want anyone to read this and not realise how good CD is.
i had my first weigh in the other night and had lost 3lbs. "Not much" i hear you say in unison. "Did you cheat?" is the close second thing on your lips. The answer is NO. I was away on jollydays before i started my CD journey and i have no idea how much weight i put on while i was away. I didn't weigh myself before i started just used the weight i was when i met my CDC.
My CDC is amazing. She really put a positive spin on the whole thing and i feel so much better about it now but...... there is this little niggle at the back of my mind. a doubt about myself really. Is this really for me. I'm feeling a little bit isolated i think, from my friends and family. My OH and son are soooooo supportive and only one of my friends knows (she unfortunatly thinks that i'm unhappy because of my weight and that being slimmer will make me happy again) her heart is in the right place.
This journey has only just started and i i'm finally realising that some if not all of my eating habits must have been emotional.

Just thought i needed to put this out there for me. Sorry
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Personnaly I i think 3lb is fab,I always say a loss is a loss hun all going in the right direction, well done, keep up the great work and cant wait to see how much you lose next weel.xx


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I guess we all have to find solutions that fit in, it's tough, esp when the family are eating and you're not.. I'm looking at it becoming a habit and it's taught me so much, how I used to eat for no reason, wasn't even hungry just bored, tired, emotional.. etc, etc... if you can nail these feelings then you've come so far and learned so much about yourself that you can fix that.

3lbs is good, but just think of the next week, if you lose 4 then that's half a stone already! what other diet would you lose 7lbs in 2 weeks on..

Hope you can stick with it and feel more positive soon. We're all here to help you and each other, nobody said it was going to be easy... it's not but we'll all do it together. x


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Keep going babycake, I too am one that feels I will lose weight slowly, but i'm determined to lose weight whatever the rate. Just take things one day at a time and you'll get there.


Please kick my butt!!
Thanks ladies. Its not like its hard its just.......well hard to explain. I have no idea whats wrong with me today. Dont get me wrong i was pleased with the loss i'm just not sure what i'll do if its simlar this week. I once lost 11lbs in the first week at SW but i know that only works for me for a coulple of weeks the the diet sabatours start up.

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