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Not so happy

Hi its my second week on cambridge and i had my weigh in, only lost 1lb 12ounces which im finding hard to deal with after going through a tough week.I lost 14lbs in the first 5 days so to just loose this much this week is a bit hard im on the 810 diet is this normal? as i only had what i was susposed to can anyone help?
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Our bodies are weird aren't they?Have you measured yourself?I lost 20 lbs in my first week and 3 in my second on SS,and this week on 810 I lost only 2 lbs but it will all even out I'm sure...just hang in there..you'll lose loads next week.


Laugh, love, live!
That's over a stone in two weeks!!! OMG!!! Sometimes it goes that way honey but look at the overall losses and don't get yourself down about it. You're doing fantastic and the results will show xx
im no expert but i imagine as you had a massive weight loss last week (Well done on that!!) that your body has paniced a little bit.... worry not youll probably have another great weight loss to make up for it next week:) you cant fail if your doing things 100% to the letter:)
Keep going!
Sometimes when you have a big loss one week (fantasic first week by the way ! WOW;)) you're body needs a week as it's a bit of shock to the system.
You've still lost more than a stone in 2 weeks (in one week infact!) and you're disappointed???
The weight losses will pick up again you just need to give your body time to get with the program.
Why only for another week hun? You can't give up purely because of this one bad week surely? If you look at everyones signiture a lot of us have had weeks where we've actually stayed the same (STS). This can be down to a number of factors but it always picks up again.
What will you do if you give up? There's no other kind of diet that you will lose that sort of weight with in your first week, believe me I've tried them all!
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If you had joined a weekly weigh in club you would have been lucky to lose 7lbs over a fortnight so your losses so far are fabulous.
Dont lose heart and come on here for lots of support and chat.
Thanks Kelly i hear what your saying i think its just because i had a bad week struggling through my friends at work eating chips and all sorts of stuff at lunch times.When i got weighed this week i felt bad and imediately thought right after this im goning to pig out because the cambridge is not worth it. Then i thought well what you going to do instead and eat and eat and put the weight back on and more.So decided to take it a week at a time and try to get some help from people on minimins so thanks you have helped alot.
I try to block everyone at my work eating as well, after all they may understand what you're doing and why but hey people gotta eat right.:rolleyes: This week I've had to sit through krispy kreme doughnuts, chocolate fudge cake, ritz crackers and cheese dip as well as one girl who insists on cooking pizza in the microwave near my desk every lunch time!
It might seem hard now but believe me after a while you do learn to block it out.
Even if you do decided to come off of CD please work up through the plans otherwise you could end up putting that you stone you lost back on faster than you lost it!;)


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when i did other diets i would be lucky to lose 1lb/2lbs a week so you are doing so well i know it must feel a let down but look at the whole weight loss rather than the 2 weeks seperately. you have done so well i hope my first weigh in is half as much as yours. losing that much in one week must be a shock for your body.

keep coming on here when it gets hard it has really helped me
Yep take it a week at a time-even a day at a time if you have to...it does get easier I promise.I've done 12 weeks now and it's pretty much routine to me.I have weeks where I lose very little or even stay the same but I've still lost 5 stone in 12 weeks so it does even out.Hang in there.Very little food tempts me these days-maybe for a fleeting second but never enough to seriously think about eating it-and OH eats kebabs and burgers and chocolate all the time,the kids like pizza....all stuff I would have eaten before,but it really does get easier, I promise.
OMG polishrose 5 stone in 12 weeks :eek::eek::eek::eek::eek::eek::eek::eek::eek::eek::eek: like how??????????????

I cant imagine losing that much by august ??? sweet jebus!

Well done! :D

p.s any secret formula lol? Im 100% every single day will be 2 weeks on monday for me doing fab but 5 stone in 3 months thats some motivation
OMG polishrose 5 stone in 12 weeks :eek::eek::eek::eek::eek::eek::eek::eek::eek::eek::eek: like how??????????????

I cant imagine losing that much by august ??? sweet jebus!

Well done! :D

p.s any secret formula lol? Im 100% every single day will be 2 weeks on monday for me doing fab but 5 stone in 3 months thats some motivation
er no secret formula-I don't even exercise much-only 30 mins on the wii fit or abit of walking.Just stick to it 100% and drink the water and it will work!I still have 7 stone 12 to go so no doubt it will slow down as I go but at least I've done the first 5 quickly enough to keep me motivated.
Please don't get disheartened-you had an absolutely fantastic first week. A blip is only a blip if you let it be-this diet works if you stick to it 100%. If you need motivation, or just a kick up the bum, there will always be someone here to provide it!:D I have moments where I get a bad week's loss, but I have to re-assess exactly how far I've come. Focus on how well you've done so far-not how long you still have to go. I know if I concentrate on the fact I could still have 4/5 more months on this diet I'd go mental! Give your body a chance to recover itself from the shock of your first week-you'll soon start to see the pounds drop off again!
Look at it this way hun, you've lost in a week what you are meant to lose in a month on this diet. Any loss for the rest of the month is a bonus!:D;)

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