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not sure if i should come off!!

hey bit sad today well really sad :break_diet: i think i may come off although i want to lose weight think everything is going wrong for me since the diet in my relationship think i might now be to boring and my partner is not sure if he wants to be with me or not anymore :cry:
although i want to do this for myself i also love my partner to bits and dont want to lose him i feel so hurt right now not sure what is best for me to do
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going out having a social life that is why i put so much weight on we went out loads before and used to drink and have a laugh i dont get it he was so supportive at first we have only been engaged for less than a month!!! thought we were happy


I will be skinny again!!!
How does being on a diet make you boring?????

That is ridiculous!!!!!

Maybe your partner is scared of you being slim and finding some one else???

Sounds like he is being very selfish!!
hes prob scared when you lose weight ul bugger off n leave him. maybe you need to stop taking all the blame and find out what the real issue is
he just has said he is 50/50 he lives with me i have a son who adores him we were so happy i thought just seems he is fed up now we have even started to save for wedding what a joke i know if he leaves he will never come back i probably sound like a right phyco writing it all on here lol just feel very alone right now


I will be skinny again!!!
Your not a physco at all!!

Sometimes talking to people who you dont really know helps alot!!

Well if he wants to leave you you cannot change that!!

Just get yourself all sexy and say bugger to him!!

You are doing this for yourself and not him!!!


Here we go again!
Sorry you're having a bad time at the mo! Can't really advise on your situation cos my hubby is being so very supportive. I personally wouldn't let any man tell me to come off a diet. If they don't like it, it's usually cos they are insecure and don't want you to lose weight and get confidence back. I'm not saying that's what your partner is like but you really need to think about your situation.

Hope you feel better about things soon whatever you decide and feel happy again. You deserve it!


Getting thinner everyday!
sorry you're having a bad time.

Hope things get better for you quickly.

i think you can be sociable and not drink and have a laugh, seems slightly weak to be honest. I know you feel alone right now but aren't you losing weight for you and your health so really you should be questioning why a man who supposedly loves you isn't supporting you right now. men tend to turn their issues around and us women and we usually accept it but dont!!!


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Hi JB, Sorry you are having a crappy day :(
So does your bf say its the diet that is making you boring?
I agree with what the girls have already said. You must NOT let any man dictate what you should be doing. There must be other issues. I really hope you get it sorted. Chin up xx
What a silly little man! Hun, if your happy lipoing you stay on it. but to be honest if my other half said he was 50/50, I would make that decision for him!
(((((((((((((((((((u))))))))))))))))))) xx
I think you need to have a heart to heart with your fiancee and explain that this diet is really important to you and that you need his support, explain that your not going to be dieting forever but right now your not getting the support you need from him. To be honest if you do split up then he wasn't the right man for you.
i agree with wat others have said, hes probably afraid of u getting your confidence back, and finding someone else. Don't give up on changing how u feel in ur own skin because someone suddenly decides your boring. Put urself first.
If you let him rule you now, god help what he will be able to do to you in later years.
Sorry, but if I was in that position I think I would be saying, "ok, go pack your bags" you dont need someone like that to pull you down, when we are overweight we can pull ourselves down well enough without others doing it for us.

You do what is right for you hun, if he doesnt like it, he knows where the door is.
What a silly little man! Hun, if your happy lipoing you stay on it. but to be honest if my other half said he was 50/50, I would make that decision for him!
(((((((((((((((((((u))))))))))))))))))) xx
damn right if my fella said that he's bags would be packed in minutes. obviously he's not the person u thought he is if he says that ova u doin something 4 urself thats a disgrace! if u came off this diet do it for YOU and you only!!!
your having a awful time, but i cant add anymore than all the girls have and as we range in ages shapes etc i think we all agree that were doing this for us , and he is being very selfish !! as for the 50/50 comment...GGGRRRRR!!!!! sums it up lol , chin up xxx
oh huni - i am sorry to hear this.

why does he think you are being boring? What made him come out with it now?

It sounds like he is trying to make a reason to either:
a) control you and put you down or
b) get out of the relationship

Don't let someone give you a 50/50 bullsh*t. It sounds to me like he is taking control of the relationship and trying to make you into a puppet he plays with. My ex did all that crap - and let me tell you i was dumb enough to take it - and it got me nowhere...he will only dump you when he gets bored of the mind f**kery.

Sorry to be so blunt - but i hate men like this and think women like you deserve so much better!
thankyou all for your replys not sure what is happening just waiting to see i know im probably a fool and know its not fair but just finding it hard i would do anything for him how pathetic am i!!!

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