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not to exercise???

S: 14st8lb G: 11st6lb
i told my pharmasist i was exercising as well and he told me not to bother about toning or using weights cos Lipotrim burns muscle as well as fat and to only do cardo if i wanted to exercise. does this sound s bit stupid to anyone else?:confused::confused: surely if its burning muscle it would be good to build more muscle??? so confused
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Actually I thought we shouldn't do slot of cardio???? Cause this burns calories and we aren't taking many in??? And so we should do mainly toning exercises??? Think he is wrong!! Go to the lipotrim website and watch the video online sure it's on there :)
I thought you only burnt fat (not muscle) on lipotrim - that's the whole point of being in ketosis isn't it??

I'm only on day 5 but as soon as I feel I have the energy I will start exercising (mainly cardio) to speed up my weight loss. As when exercising your body will be getting the energy by burning fat.
Figured it might be worth letting ya know that you WILL be loosing muscle. Pretty much every diet out there will mean that you loose muscle while on. Very low calorie diets are the worst for it as well. Now I can picture you thinking "well, that means i have to work my muscles to keep them in shape!" but again, on this diet you can't. Basically for every lean lb of bodymass you need 1g of protein. The lipotrim shakes are giving us about 120g per day MAXIMUM so there is no way that you can build muscle while on this diet.

I used to do a lot of weight training before i gained my excess weight, as such I know a thing or two about this. Ketosis DOESN'T MEAN only fat is burned. Any low calorie diet causes a catabolic effect, which in turn means that muscle is being lost. Admittedly not LARGE ammounts but muscle is still being lost. Due to the LT diet being so low calorie some of the protein that is in the shakes is used for energy, as such we are not actually getting anywhere near the protein requirements of a normal person's muscles. The catabolic state occurs due to an imbalance in hormones and a reduction caused by the low calorie diet. Also doing high intensity aerobic exercise is a very good way to catabolize muscle and destroy it with a lack of protein. That doesnt mean dont exercise, but it means you do have to be carefull. Ensure that your hydrated etc. Most low carb diets recomend a "carb up" period every so often. Basically loading up on carbohydrates to aid recovery. It pulls you out of ketosis, but confuses the body into burning more fat as it doesn't know what is coming next, rather than settling into a routine.

Hard running, heavy weight lifting, and strenuous exercise aren't recomended on this diet as the pharmacists know that the ammount of protein in this diet is not as much as there should be.

Me personally? I'm not bothered in the slightest. I know what weight I'm aiming for. I also know that when i hit that weight I'll be increasing my protein intake to at least tripple whats in these shakes and hitting the weights hard, along with running at least 5 miles a day.

This diet is amazing for weight loss. It isn't amazing for toning. If you want to tone, then loose the weight using this and then follow a reasonable exerise plan while eating healthy. There is no way to be toned without exercise. Simple.

I'm running while on this diet. I run 3 miles a day minimum. I'm also using fat burners (mentioned in a previous supplement thread). I'm not concerned about loosing muscle as I know I will be building them back up. The sooner the weight is off me the sooner I can start toning.

Hope this all doesnt sound too critical, but if anyone wants to know anything I'll be more than happy to try and help. But. Simply put, No protein + exercise = No muscle gain, possible muscle loss. Ketosis doesn't = no muscle loss when incoperated in a VLC diet. VLC diet = bad for muscle training.

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On the website is says you can exercise. Maybe not in the first week because of energy levels but do what you can. Thats what I am doing. It does not make sense not to exercise because you need to tone up due to the fast weight loss.

Jayde. :-D


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well im defo confused now but thanks myk lol i think ill just keep going with my light exercise just to keep me in the habit and leave the weight loss to the shakes
I didn't mean it to be confusing but re-reading it now can see how that can happen.

Basically when your on this diet your loosing muscle. haha. Simple as that. Their isnt enough protein in these shakes to help rebuild muscle after strenuous exercise.

Light exercise should be fine. I'm running/fast walking 6 miles a day and aint finding any bad effects. Best checks would be body calipers for checking body fat %'s each week as well. That way you would know that its deffinetly fat and not muscle your loosing.. Dunno what else would work haha


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S: 14st8lb G: 11st6lb
Thanks I thing I understand u well it's good to no anyway and please fill us on on anything else that might be useful

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