Not up the duff! Time to get back on track


Hi all

I've not posted for a while as I've been suffering from a cabbaged head as hub & I thought we might be expecting child no 3! That meant SSing became a no no so I've not been on the wagon for a few weeks now.
Long story short, blood test results have definitely confirmed that I'm not so I can go back to CD. :) :)
I'm happy because I don't think I've done too much damage at all in the last couple of weeks (felt too sick :( ) and I can still fit into smaller clothes etc (including some from before youngest was born) so I'm feeling happy.:D
I've decided not to try to get back on SS track totally before Xmas as I know I'll probably get tempted and fall off the wagon over the hols. I don't want to get down in the dumps if I do so I've decided that I'm going to use the packs I have to have 2 per day as meal replacements and then 1 healthy meal per day. I've been going to the gym in work too, so this way I'll be able to ease myself back into SSing for 2007 and then finish the job.
The one thing that I have noticed whilst I've been of SS is that I feel like I've broken the habit eating thing. I've not been bingeing on rubbish or eating from habit (like when watching TV etc). When I've felt like eating I've asked myself whether I was really hungry or whether I was just wanting to eat because it was lunchtime or some other habit?:confused: I feel really strong willed now because I know I've been controlling my eating in the last couple of weeks. :) I've eaten some of my former "trigger" foods and been able to take them or leave them without my chatterbox saying "eat it all you might not get any more". Very happy about that.:D :D
Anyway, I look forward to getting back into Minimins and catching up with how everyone is getting on.
Take care

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Hi Mary...:)

your baby quest sounds similar to mine...I came off SS to try, then miscarried...back on track now to tackle the last stone. Good on yer for postponing til 2007..your head needs to be in right least you dont need to worry about christmas doos!:eek:

If ever you want chat about conceiving, ovulating...disappointments just let me know..its been focus of my life for far too long...we have appointment with consultant with results of our tests after recurrent miscarriages on 20th December so Im anxious!:mad:

I see youre in Liverpool....we're planning a meet over christmas in liverpool if you fancy it? See thread........:eek:

Good luck....x;)


Need help
It's good that you have the will power to stop the old habits coming back in full force. It's great that you can say no to food and that alone will help you lose weight.
I am now off the diet now and I am experiencing the same thing as you that I have the will power to say no. I am also finding that people don't understand that we do change when we are off the diet, and that we dont always put the weight back on. (depending on the individual)

I am glad you said that tonight as I thought it was me kidding myself.

Nick :)


thanks for the responses.
Nick, you're not kidding yourself. I think SS does change you and how you eat.
Before SSing, I didn't really think about what I was eating, but looking back over the last couple of weeks, I think my tastes have changed whilst SSing. I no longer crave sugary or carb laden stuff the way I used to. Also, as I said I now question whether I want to eat for the sake of it or if I am actually HUNGRY? I think having the time to take a step back from food and not think about it gives your body a chance to "detox" (for want of a better term) from your previous eating habits? I've found that I have definitely changed tastes wise? I am more willing to try different things and am more into savoury things and salads now than I used to be. I will go back to SS after Xmas but I know that if I tried to start again now I'd be tempted over Xmas and then would get all bent out of shape about "cheating". So I've decided to be relaxed about it all and ease back into things over the next couple of weeks. Hopefully that will lessen the negatives of getting into ketosis too.
I've got to go and feed the girls now. :rolleyes:
Take care