Not updated in a while.


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There's a good reason I haven't updated my blog. I've been an absolute porky pig!

I only lost half a pound last week and I deserved to lose at least 2lbs so I was fed up about that. I had that night out planned so I knew i'd blow the diet then and it just put me in a bad place mentally. Because of my PCOS i've not had a period since 1st Jan and i'm so ready for another - I feel really heavy and bloated. So - there are my excuses.

It's weigh in tomorrow and i've decided to tell the leader not to tell me my weight. She does this for other people so it's not a problem. I only want to know if i'm slimmer of the week (by some remote chance) or I reach 11st 11lbs which is my 10%. I haven't got time to be disheartened about only losing half a pound resulting in me putting 3lbs on or something.
I'm just looking forward to getting back on it and eating healthy. I miss the self respect I was starting to get used to after another good day of sticking to the plan.

On the up side, i've still exercised this week and done about 10 miles walking, and yesterday I went on my bike for the first time in about 7 years. What fun that was, although I do worry about my woo-woo eating the saddle. Must get a bigger one (saddle - not woo-woo!!!!).

Last week also I "won" and ebay auction for a new rowing machine for the princely sum of £6! It's not going to be a fantastic one but it'll at least give me an idea whether I want to buy a more expensive one in a few weeks. It's still cheaper than joining a gym because at my old gym I only used to use the elliptical strider and rower anyway and i'm not paying £35 a month for that!

So - I will update my siggy in a few weeks. It's only 11 weeks until I go on holiday so hopefully I can fetch another stone off by then.

Be good!
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Hiya yamyam
tis a good idea for you not to be told your weight - and only if you are slimmer of the week! good positive attitude you've got there :D

You sound like you have the fitness bug - what with all the walking, riding your bike and your rowing machine - they'll be no stopping you!!

All the best for tomorrow, hoping your weigh in's not as bad as you expected - oh forgot you won't know lol good luck anyhow!!


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Ok - updating now the sedatives have taken effect.

I gained 3.5lbs this week. I'm so bl**dy angry with myself for undoing the best part of a months work in one week.

Still, trying to be positive, it's done now - nothing I can do about it apart from remembering that horrible feeling of finding out how much i've gained, and working my fat wobbly bottom off for the next few weeks trying to claw my way into the 11's.


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Hi yamyam,

You have to look at the picture overall and the facts are is that you have made already some very important changes in your life style.

Your doing exercise, you are taking action on the diet front and are aware of the situation and not in denial and have lost weight and you know it is working for you.

Also, how cool is that you have got back on your bike !!!

In the scheme of things your doing very well and you can not allow one negative weigh in to ne-gate all of what you have so far achieved.

The reality is that it takes time to make new healthier ways of doing to become part and parcel of every day life and a slip is just a reminder how easy it is to go back to the old comfort zone of being and doing.

Love Mini xxx