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Not well (non CD issue) need advice


Hi gang, sorry to post this on the CD forum but I knew this was the best place to come for advice!

I've had period types pains :eek:for about a week, so much so I thought I was due on until I checked my dates - i shouldn't come on for another 2 weeks. So I thought maybe just hormones..........?
Then the night before last I couldn't sleep cos my boobs were incredibly sore and tender...I don't normally suffer with this at all!! Then yesterday the swelled up! So now I have P pains and swollen sore boobs!!!!! :eek:WTF!!!???? Been on NHS direct and I could either be pregnant, ovulating, have fibroids, the list is endless......has ANYONE experienced these symptoms??? I'm starting to panic.......Thanks in advance Vxxx
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before i read the NHS bit - i thought pregnancy!

Could you be? Process of ellimination :)

Sorry you're feeling poorly, thinking of you xxxxx


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My 1 st thought is pregnacy....maybe do a test to be sure.

2nd are you SSing, sometimes VLCD diets can mess with our hormones a bit, but usually settles down....
I would do the test first and then if you are still worries pop along and see your surgery nurse or make an appointment to see your gP.
I immediately thought that too!!! That's how I knew I was pregnant with Jessica.

I would get a test to make sure...I hope that you get the result that YOU want Hun.



Hi Leah, thank hun! I think it is unlikely but there is a slim possibility I guess, so was wondering if it could be anythiing else??? Vxx


Oh shucks, thanks for taking the time to respond. Sorry to sound completely naive but when should I test? Is there a time when it's too early? You'd think at 30 years young I'd have a clue about such things!!!! I'm ok with if I am or if I'm not - I think hubbie will be disapointed though cos he's looking at buying a M Bike!!! LOL
I have the mirena coil, and hadn't had a period for 16months before i went on CD. Now it's completely uncontrollable, popping its head up every few days (this my period is making up for lost time). My boobs were so sore, and i had awful period pain. First thing i thought was pregnancy - tested and thank god it was negative (22, student, have a mother who would actually kill me.....)

Do a test just to be sure, just dont give up SSing right now. Wrap up warm and if possible up your water intake (maybe flush out any toxins in case its a virus). Get well soon xxxx
Many of the tests are so sensitive now that you can test from the day your period was due.

Buy one and read - some need a morning wee - or ask at the chemists, as some do them for you - the test not the wee!!

Agree with the others, eliminate this first as the cause.
It might be ovulation pain (is it one sided?). If you're mid-cyle I would have thought it unlikely to be pregnancy symptoms for another week or so, but if your period does not arrive as expected, then you'd better check?
The other thing might be an ovarian cyst. Are you needing to wee a lot? I had a cyst last year and the hormones it secreted made me feel sick and have sore boobs. Do you use chemical contraception?


Hi Ugly Betty, the pain is central, v similar to Ppain. I'm not using any contraception at the moment (he is responsible for that at the mo!) I was on the injections until the beginning of this year but had to come off. I have made a Dr's appt for this PM as I think it's best to check it out given your post....

Are you OK now after your cyst??
Hi V

I had to have my ovary removed, because the cyst had caused it to twist, as an emergency operation, but it was fine after that. My pain was on one side though. You've done the right thing in making an appointment, boobs so sore you can't sleep doesn't sound right. Let us know what the Doc thinks and I hope you feel better soon! :eek:)


Hi gang, it's my hormones!!!!! I had a surge of em...............? Weird? Went to Dr's and he said to do a test and that if it was negative then put it down to a hormone change. So test was negative and now sat at home still in pain but at least I can take a couple of ibuprofen (didn't take before just in case)!! LOL Thanks everyone for your help, Vxx


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Hey, just wanted to say I was having period pains etc, wasn't constipated or anything and ended up I have my period 1 week early. Just CD messing with the hormones etc but should settle down. Hope you feel better soon hun :)
Glad you've found out what it is. My hormones were messed up last month and my TOTM came along a week early. I'm usually very regular so I think it was just down to CD affecting it. I hope you're feeling ok.

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