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Not xenical related but needed to talk

My husband has a friend who he has known since school and hes a real bad influence on my husband... Hes the sort of person who If lived next door, he would be round every night and do things like stare through the windows and make silly noises ect...

Well theres a house come up to let next door and hes text my husband saying hes going to view it.

I can hardly speak since my husband said that for fear its going to happen. I know for a fact I will close up, I will fall back into my depressive ways... start having the curtains closed and not want to go out.

What do I do :(
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Personally I would speak to your husband regarding your fears, It is completely reasonable to feel the way you do....its nice to make friends with your neighbours, not always nice to make neighbours of your friends..if that makes sense!


mrs a

fat,frumpy,fed up
tell your hubby what you have told us about how you feel.

if it's gonna make you ill you need to make sure this guy doesn't move in .

go sort it hun xxx


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Be open and honest with both of them. Although uncomfortable as it would be you need to ne happy your own home.
You really do need to tell your hubby how you feel hun, you cant go on feeling this way. If its going to make you ill i am sure your hubby will understand and explain it to his friend!! Like what was already said its nice to make friends with your neighbours but we dont always want our friends to become neighbours!! Is your hubby happy about him looking into this house? maybe he feels the same!!


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is it a semi detached house? if so, tell him you have an ASBO for your noisy sexlife, and that you wouldn't advise him to move next door as he'll never get a sleep! xx
Thanks for these respnoses girls

I have spoken to husband ( after being moody for a few days )

Had a good cry and He put a good pespective on it ... Maybe this is what God is doing to bring this guy closer to us , so he sees the good in us and maybe sees how Great God is in peoples lives and then become a christian... You never know

My husband is hoping to study theology and become a Pastor or Vicar, so hes trying to remain positive :)


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that is one way of putting it yes, but are you warming to the idea?

just came across this....

"Keep away from people who try to belittle your ambitions. Small people always do that, but the really great make you feel that you, too, can become great."
– Mark Twain


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you know your husband and we dont. this is by no way directed at you, but as a part time atheist, if my boyf used god as an excuse i'd have to be held back from punching him!
i'd still say you guys were noisy love makers!! x
Success lol

Hes not moving in !!
Hes found somewhere else in the next village ! Yay !


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oh i bet that is such a relief for you :)

mrs a

fat,frumpy,fed up
good news !!!

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