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Note To Self ...


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I will do this...

He made pasta bolognaise. He bought the ingredients. I didn't think I HAD to stress get extra lean mince and don't do anything in oil - frylight only :(

It was very nice but the side affects weren't :cry:
Oh No! The meal was thoughtful but boy oh boy, ahhhhh.... not so good with the side effects!

Does he feel bad?! As bad as your side effects maybe?!



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I haven't told him - don't want to hurt his feelings. I'll just watch him next time lol


I will do this...
I haven't told him - don't want to hurt his feelings. I'll just watch him next time lol

Very good idea - you don't want to stop him making you tea in the future!
ahh bless that was nice of him:eek: i am just having it kick in and that is on really low fat stuff. bless you me thinks perhaps be a fly on the wall next time:D

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ouchie! i love spag bol too, quorn mince is a great low fat substitue, maybe he can try that next time :)


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I can't stand quorn myself. But I'm going to try making it with turkey mince next time. If that doesn't work I'll go back to having vegetarian spag bol.
maybe not draining the mince, that will produce enough fat on its own *eek*

as long as there is plenty of garlic in the spag bol the quorn mince is ok, Moprrisons also do a meat free mince which is more meatier in shape and texture, might be worth a try :)
Also, check your portions :)

Oh and put less meat and more veg,. i chuck sweetcorn, mushrooms, kidney beans, chopped tomatoes, onnion and even peppers in mine and have less mince! Its yummy!

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