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note to self


This is for life
Ive been to the loo 4 times this afternoon after a packet of thorntons toffee. On the plus side the calories must be negligible coz there cant be any of it left in me, lol.


A thin person in disguise
Good grief!! The note is to myself too...hope your stomach has settled down now?
Oh no, ive just placed a rather large order with the low carb megastore of sweets, bars etc, after reading of the adverse side effects I may have to cancel the order!!!

Is it REALLY that bad?????? x :eek:
I find this thread interesting!

The only sugar free sweets that have really set my stomach off are the thorntons vanilla toffees (the brazil nut ones are fine).

Guess I'm one of the lucky ones...or perhaps unlucky ones - I need as many reasons to stay away from them as possible! :)


This is for life
Interesting - i must admit i bought a pack of the bars early on so i knew they would be available in an "emergency"! I havent tried one yet - and reading this rather might stay that way!!!
Too late to cancel my order and it arrived this morning!!! (Great service I must say).

The bars look really appealing :D, im going to limit myself and see what happens!!-LOL.


Clean green leafy machine
I'm like Michael, Thorntons set off the volcano effect (and quite soon after eating them) but I'm fine with Atkins bars.


Silver Member
PMSL @ everyone's comments, but 'loud monster noises' is the best!! :D &, if you overdose, it really is that bad, lol
I had a sugar free chewing gum before class the other week and my stomach sounded like a bear all the way through the lecture. I think I was louder than the lecturer.
Volcanic Eruptions!

Wannabe Weeney reporting back after her low carb bars and sugar free sweets delivery ..............................


Enough said NEVER AGAIN!!!!!!!!!! LOL (after you all warned me too) xx


A thin person in disguise
Poor u!!!! Hope u start to feel better soon. I too feel ur pain ;) xx
Thanks Rachie, im sure i'll be fine tomorrow, the bars are yummy but not worth the side effects! lol x

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