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nothing to do with diet..... just so v worried


in my dreams!!!!!!
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hi all, thanks for all your good wishes on my birthday, i had a lovely day. seriously off the diet that day but went back on v next day.

nothing to do with the diet but needing to tell someone as don't want to put extra pressure on hubby. he went to a general meeting yesterday but came away with being made redundant! this is the second time in a year and were just getting straight then wham here we go again.

i want to shout and rage at him, even though i know its not his fault but i hate this intense feeling of pressure of the mortgage, bills,etc ....

its such an awful time with the recession to be out of work to know if he'll be able to get another one.

sorry for rambling but am so stressed needed to clear my head a bit. x:cry:
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Oh dear ... this is such a difficult time. I'm sorry there's nothing I can say really .... just send you some virtual ***hugs*** and hope there's something even better round the corner. xx
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00000hugs0000 so sorry to hear your news hun, and I understand that you want to rage at hubby, you always take it out on the nearest and dearest...bless ya what a stressful time for you all. I dont really know what to say, but just that we are here for you


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I am thinking redundant means laid off???

I'm sorry to hear that Sparkel. what kind of industry is he in? I am luck in the fact that my industry is basically recession proof. Companies are going to make drugs and research cures for diseases no matter what and therefore they need my supplies. But it is awful what is going on with most everyone else around the world. Every other job seems expendable. But if people have no jobs, or their wages are cut, then people wont spend and it's just a vicious circle. :(

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I'm sorry :( Fingers crossed he finds something else soon :gen126:
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Get to a citizen advice bureau as soon as, if he was claiming benefits before he got this job then he could just go straight back on them and they will also tell you anything else that might help you. It's a hard time but it's something that will make your relationship stronger and will give you something to look back on and be proud that you got through it.


in my dreams!!!!!!
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thanks for your so kind wishes and thoughts my lovlies. am feeling better today went out with a couple of bezzies last nite and had a few drinks to chill out a bit.

have decided that there is no point moping just have to do the best we can and hopefully something will come! can't show hubby how worried i am so it has really helped coming on here and rambling, you're all so lovely thank you. x

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