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  1. sarahlou

    sarahlou Member


    Weighted last night only lost one pound ONE POUND!!! How can this happen I have stuck to the diet religiously drank loads of water and gone to the gym three times this week. :cry:

    It is not any "special" weeks so no water retention I simply dont understand???

    At this rate I am not going to make the May challenge let alone my three stone target for my 100 days Arrrrggghh!!!!

    Soooooo angry upset, frustrated, all the councellsor said to me was " Have you eaten food this week" thanks great help!! :mad:

    Ony one got any advice bar cutting off limbs to loose the weight??? Ha Ha
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  3. PositiveBetty

    PositiveBetty Full Member

    well you should still update your ticker ;)
  4. Slimseaa

    Slimseaa Silver Member

    Sarah, 1lb is 1 lb hun! I suggest to ease of with the exercises a bit, perhaps do gentle exercises and u will ntoice more of a weightloss believe it or not! A few people on here noticed the same!
  5. sarahlou

    sarahlou Member

    Thanks - it just seems illogical, you would think the more you exercise the better!! I just dont want to be flabby :rolleyes:
  6. Tange

    Tange Silver Member

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    Hi Sarah

    Have a look at my ticker and you will see that I went through something similar. But then caught up, I was exercising a fair bit more than usual. Hang in there it will happen.
    All advise I can give you is if you feel good keep up the exercise it will all happen. Maybe your body is just hanging onto the weight because it thinks it is in starvation.
    Hang in there it is worth it.
  7. silhouettes

    silhouettes Silver Member

    I regularly have weeks where i only lose 1 - 1.5 lbs, its frustrating as i havent cheated but it just seems to be the pattern that my weight loss has.
    It isnt anything you have done/havent done its just one of those things im afraid.

  8. Blonde Logic

    Blonde Logic Yes. You can.

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    Sarah - the theory about too much exercise is because your body is taking in the lowest amount of calories it should, basically. Your body is on guard for this sudden drastic cut in caloric intake. There is enouigh to sustain you, but not really any extra calories that need burning.

    So when you do a lot of physical exercise, the body thinks "oh oh - shes trying to burn these calories that just make up the reserve to keep her going! If she burns more, this body will starve!" So the body takes preventative measure for what it perceives as another drought, and it will retain the wait to see it throught the perceived starvation.

    Hope that makes sense.
  9. sarahlou

    sarahlou Member

    Ah, ok that does make sense, it just seems to go against what we are all told about eating sensibly and exercising.

    At least now it gives me license to sit around doing nothing, so heres to a great lazy week and a fab weight loss!!!!! :)
  10. ladylite

    ladylite Gold Member

    Slimming World
    Oh Know Sarahlou you dont have to sit and do nothing. You can walk and do some exercise and am sure that wont affect you.

    I am confident that if you stick to it you will lose weight and catch up.

    Good luck and well done for coming on here and having a moan instead of going to the fridge/cupboard.:)
  11. Donnalou86

    Donnalou86 Striving for slimness


    BL is right Saralou, LL is not like a normal diet, our bodies can only get by on the calories were taking in, any more exercise and it'll just hold on to it. As the tohers said ease off a little and you might see a great result this week, let us know! Hang in there :vibes::vibes:
  12. Corey

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    The problem here sarahlou is you're not currently eating sensibly - you're not eating!!

    How long have you been on the diet? I was advised to give it a good 4 or 5 weeks before doing exercise - this gives your body time to adjust and then perceives the diet as the norm. It won't go into panic mode when you then exercise. When you do start exercising - don't have anything to do with weights - muscle weighs more than fat - you want to do some time on the bike, treadmill or nordic skiier - don't go bad - just enough to get your heart pumping and sustain that for half an hour. Half an hour is more than enough at the moment, but as you start to lose and get closer to your goal weight increase the amount of time you spend down the gym.

    Hope that helps
  13. x-Katie-x

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    As well as what everything has mentioned re exercise you do find that sometimes your body just holds onto it on the scale but you tend to notice a loss in your size ..... jsut the way the body works --- you'll prob find that you have a really good one next week :)
  14. cookey

    cookey Full Member

    lighter life
    I went to see my counsellor on saturday because i felt so ill.She weighed me and tested my urine and i had lost 1.5 pounds and was in ketosis .I told her i was swimming for an hour a day seven days a wek.She then explained exactly what blondie has just told you.I went home,upped my water intake,stopped all exersise,and when i got weighed on tuesday i had lost aother 4.5 pounds.I am still swimming ,but for a shorter time,less days and more slowly.

    hope this helps.

    love liz
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